The South Could Have Won The Civil War

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I am a Southerner and proud of it. Reared in Georgia, I was born in metro-Atlanta and now reside in Atlanta. I am sixth generation Cobb Countian. My family roots go back to Georgia for many generations. My ancestors could have stayed in the northeastern region of the country, but challenging times led them here. Whether it was less industrialism, a warmer climate, lower population, agriculture/land, making a living, and/or trying to survive economically, they were attracted to Georgia. Being a southern gal, I often wondered what if the South had won the Civil War.

It was a possibility, given the military strategies of General Robert E. Lee. His brilliance and excellence for militant warfare led the Confederate Army to win some battles, yet, they were outnumbered by the Union soldiers. General Ulysses Grant was one general that could defeat General Lee in respect to the size of his army and strong perseverance. Lee’s army was dispositioned after given information which led to their surrender at Appomattox on April 9, 1865. Overpowered by Union troops, his army of soldiers were in a dangerous position seen by the enemy. What would had happened if the South had won?

For one thing, the South wouldn’t have been unionized into a ‘nation’ and the Southern Confederate states would have remained as seceded states “the Confederacy”. Two different countries would had existed. President Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t have abolished slavery so quickly after the war. President Lincoln might not have been assassinated. Segregation would still had remained, however, not to the degree it did after the war. The Reconstruction period from 1865 to 1876 would have been unheard of to this date. The freed slaves would not have rights of equity under the Constitution. The 14th Amendment wouldn’t had been established for civil rights of blacks. The South wouldn’t had to reintegrate and reorganize itself. The KKK wouldn’t have been so prevalent in the South. Lien on crops wouldn’t had existed, especially with cotton gins in the South.

There are solutions to President Lincoln’s political movement of slavery. Lincoln could had prevented the civil war. He could had developed a five-year plan for the North and the South to ‘adopt’ into an agreement. Primarily, slavery would be abolished within five years. Each slave would become an “indentured servant” in which every family received up to an acre of land to cultivate and farm whatever crops they wanted. Upon five years, every freed slave would have their own resources to make a living and provide food for their family.

Frankly, slavery would had been abolished over time. Civil laws would had formed leniency toward blacks and civil rights activists would had advocated toward freedom of slaves. It was just a matter of time for slavery to be a thing of the past. Prejudices and bias still existed in the South, especially during the Reconstruction era. The mistreatment of blacks was an ongoing dilemma, causing many freed slaves to travel to other parts of the country after the war, particularly to the North. Some did stay after the war, setting the South as their permanent home. Others had no way to travel and no where to go, forcing them to stay in the South.

Did You Know…

A Texas Superintendent recently advised teachers to choose books for students which stated that the Holocaust was a matter of opinion, whether it happened or not? Unbelievable that this superintendent wants to knock out world history after World War I, mainly European history, as a fragment of one’s opinion. The extermination of six million Jews didn’t actually happen nor Adolf Hitler’s dominance over Germany and a large portion of Europe. Hitler loved Jews and concentration camps all over Poland and south Germany didn’t exist. If you believe this, you might believe anything that President Biden states. The Democratic Party is more idealistic to the European principles of government. It doesn’t seem very democratic these days, but there is still freedom of speech. That might be taken away too.

I know in fact the Holocaust existed. I have a Jewish friend whose one side of his family was killed in Poland. Fortunately, his grandparents fled Europe safely before arriving in America in the early 1920s. They are among the lucky ones, the survivors under the government of the German Social Democratic (Nazi) Party. What about millions of Jews being led like cattle onto train boxcars? They were bunched up with no room to breathe or move. What about the gas chambers themselves? What about photographs showing dead naked bodies in ditches stacked on top of each other? What about chimneys blowing steam from fire ovens with the ghastly smell and stanch from human flesh?

Hitler was one-eighth Jewish himself. Instead of destroying the Jewish race in Germany, he could have utilized them in government, monetary positions, military strategic decisions, law, science, medicine, and in civil actions. What was Hitler thinking? His hatred for the Jews and his desire to create a superior nation with ‘aryan’ people in race overrode his power as a great leader. Anyone ‘non-aryan’ was viewed as obsolete by Nazi ideology. This not only included people of Jewish descent, it included gypsies and non-Caucasian people too.

Something to think about. If we are to teach our children that one has an opinion of a historical event, whether it’s factual or not, it seems a little over the edge to me. I taught high school students some years back. I taught truth, actual events and history. But the Texas Superintendent’s way of teaching will only confuse students. It conflicts with theology, ideology, and sociology of natural history. It condemns historical research and knowledge. Granted it teaches our children to think individually, but it also divides history into two different sectors. What do you think? You have my permission as the author to reblog this post.

An Act of Faith

I know I sound like a broken record, but faith brought me through a lot of challenges over the years. It gave me strength, a purpose, and a new meaning to life itself.

When first diagnosed with LEMS, I was told there was no cure and life-threatening, I set out to prove I would not be debilitated for life. When the oncologist said I might be bedridden from LEMS, I was determined to stay strong. When she also said I might have weekly infusions, I proved her wrong. When the neurologist said I would probably stay on infusions the rest of my life, I stayed focused on being healthy. When both doctors told me the infusions kept me alive, I made up my mind to get better. When doctors told me I might not walk again due to the inversion of both feet, I walked a week after getting out of a cast post-surgically. When the majority of them said surgery would not work, I proved them all wrong. When current blood tests showed that my white (wbc) and red (rbc) blood counts had improved, and my blood platelets were normal too, I was practically cured of LEMS. When I was told I might not live past ten years with LEMS, I have lived eleven years already.

You tell me – was this a miraculous act of medicine or was it Godsend? Faith kept me going and the belief someday that I would walk again, that my feet would be straighter. In addition, I met a man this past year that helped to increase my wbc from a very high vitamins regimen. A brilliant Jewish medical doctor. He was a medical podiatrist, immunologist, and wound healer. When I last spoke to my neurologist last month, he was amazed that my wbc had tripled this year. So much so that I am now off infusions entirely. I get my port out in two weeks.

Life brought me a bowl of rotten eggs, but I overcame the circumstances, and moved forward with life. Please don’t ever judge me. I don’t feel like a victim; rather, I’m affected by a medical disability with LEMS disease. One needs to walk in my shoes for a day, a week, or even a month to understand my physical condition. I live with daily pain; joint pain and inflammation, however, I stay active in weekly activities. Prayer, strength, guidance, and a belief that all things are possible with Jesus Christ are the answers. Remain focused, stay positive, and “never give up,” as my mother used to say.

A Second Chance

I’ve been given a second chance at life. It is more than an incredible circumstance; it’s God send. What has occurred in my life for the past few years could have killed or worsened me, However, it is this remarkable set of circumstances that sent me in another direction. I ended up falling in love again, even at my age, and stage of life. I met a medical doctor on October 23, 2020, when I first entered this place last year. What is incredible is that I have already bonded with his children. Not having children biologically, I feel close to his five children.

Fred gave me medical advice through a very high vitamin regimen that I wouldn’t get otherwise. He also helped me get off monthly IV-G infusions and Rituxan for my autoimmune (LEMS) disease, raised my white blood count from 2.3 to 7.1 within 10 months, and practically cured me of LEMS.

How dare anyone say I play the victim role! If someone feels that way, he or she needs to walk in my shoes for at least one day. I’m doing the best I can. I write posts to this blog as therapy to my illness, and connect to the world. Since I don’t see my family very often, I update and connect with them through FB.

It’s been a daily struggle both physically and medically, but I have made new friendships here. My life is full of compassionate and caring people. I didn’t like this environment at first. It took me several months to adapt to my new surroundings, but meeting Fred made it easier for me.

I’ve developed a new relationship with God, going to weekly bible studies, and putting trust in Him. Maybe this new experience proved beneficial for several reasons. I’m not only restoring my faith in God, Fred has shown interest in knowing the Lord. He was reared in the the Northeast, me in the Southeast. He was brought up in a Jewish synagogue, me in a Baptist church. But given our differences, we are two peas in a pod. We get along very well.

Other than that, it’s been peaceful and calm lately. Less stress as I complete my journey I’m on. Actually, less tension with less phone calls. I personally feel my family has been in conflict ever since my mother’s death on March 23, 2020. It has caused chaos, but we are slowly building a new foundation with each other. More importantly, we have stayed together as a whole. One important ingredient is that we learn to love and respect each other.

The New Age

We are living in a new age. Times have changed from even a decade ago. We have moved into an age of mask mandates for the public, as well as public school children. This past year, we have dealt with social distancing, COVID-19 vaccines, boosters, delta variant strains. higher taxes, inflation, gasoline price increases, cost of living and so forth. What about all this climate change? Seems to me, global warning is an established pattern started a few decades ago. Is it a hoax? Are we really going to burn up eventually?

I’m getting tired of social media reporting tragic news. I sometimes just shut off the television or radio. Sometimes, I feel that the facts are not completely reported to the viewers, often misconstrued as “fake” news. Local news can sometimes be interesting, however, national news becomes repetitive and monotonous. Forget world news – it is even more tragic. What news can we believe is true and what do we need to filter out, if any?

I believe people are doing the best they can. An equal break doesn’t exist anymore. We are in an age of “survival among the fittest”. I see frustrations in everyday living, families, and individuals. People have been depressed because they are unable to get out socially as much as in the past years. We are human beings – social beings. When social distancing occurs, something happens to us.

I see this almost everyday as I talk to others, even with family members and friends. People tend to forget that I’ve been in assisted living off and on for two years. I am physically handicapped and unable to get out some as most people. Tension adds as I’m recovering from another surgery. Truth is, I’d rather be left alone to heal fully right now. I need rest, not retaliation.

I Walked – Praise God!

I walked today on my own on a walker. If you know my medical health history and have been following my blog the past few years, this is nothing short of a miraculous blessing. I’ve been in a wheelchair the last two years, having multiple hospitalizations, surgeries, rehabilitations, and surgical procedures. It has been a long painful journey, but almost over. Praise God and thankful for all the continuous prayers over the years.

What Would Biden Have Done?

Looking over today’s events twenty years ago, one concludes that 9/11 was a terrible day for America. It stands as a significant change for all Americans. A date we all set in our minds, as we reflect back on one man who hated America and Americans. Osama Bin Laden attempted to destroy our country and our economy. But it makes me think, “What would Biden do if 20 years ago?”

On September 11, 2001, several planes took off on American soil, never to be seen again, as all its passengers and crew members were killed before reaching the ground. One such plane was traveling from Newark, NJ to San Francisco, CA that morning. After a 40-minute delay, United Airlines Flight 93 took off at 8:41 a.m. Forty-five later, the plane flew off course toward Washington. All contact was lost until an eye witness saw it crash near Shanksville, PA at 10:03 a.m. There were 45 people altogether on that plane. Through recordings of the cockpit’s voice recorder and black box, we found out what actually happened on that tragic day. Four terrorists had hijacked the plane to take over control and strike the Capitol. Had passengers not stopped the terrorists, the plane was headed to destroy the Capitol on that date. Led by passenger Todd Beam from Upper Saddle River, NJ, his famous line, “Let’s roll”, is still heard today.

This strikes close to my heart, as my good friend is from Upper Saddle River, NJ. He grew up in Brooklyn, NY, just eight miles from Lower Manhattan where the Twin Towers once stood. I saw my friend cry today for people he did not even know, for children that will never see their deceased relatives: fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, and aunts lost. I could not take the emotion as young children read names of the deceased and I had to leave the coverage on television for a little while. I cried for them as my own relatives.

Some people would say I’m a little rough on Biden, but they are blinded by the fact that Biden pulled out of Afghanistan on the deadline of August 31. Biden pulled out all U.S. troops before Americans and Afghan allies. They were left behind to defend for themselves against Taliban rule. Also, 13 American soldiers were killed at the Kabul Airport because a photo before 9/11 was needed by Biden to show the world that we won victory in ending the war. The war has not ended. In two to three years, we will probably enter another war with the Taliban. The women and girls will now be under Sharia Law of the Taliban, stripping them of many rights.

Biden went to three speeches today, the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA. He was not allowed to speak at one. Former President George W. Bush spoke in Shanksville, PA. His famous line, “I hear you America!” at the World Trade Center 20 years ago rings through today. America, I hear you too, and I cry for you today. Biden said, “We will be united as one”. Yes, Biden, we are united in hating you.

In Remembrance

I cry for you America,

Seeing people assemble,

I am filled with emotion,

My eyes began to tear,

As friends and loved ones gather,

To play tribute to lives lost,

Twenty years ago.

As names were read,

With tear-stained eyes,

Of those who bravely died in the Twin

Towers, the planes and the Pentagon.

I cry for you America,

For others who hate you,

For those who want to destroy

you, and any resemblance of the

American way of life.

For standing your ground,

For securing your beauty,

In what you value most,

Your beliefs, your strength,

Your courage, and your honor.

I cry for you America,

For defending your country,

For your heroes,

Who fought courageously,

And fearlessly.

In celebrating peace, liberty,

And freedom for all.

You will never be forgotten,

As another generation is born,

And for generations to come,

For time is endless,

Whenever tragedy strikes,

As that terrible day on 9/11.

Are you Fed Up With Biden Yet?

It has come to my attention watching the world news that President Biden doesn’t plan to do a damn thing to help free Americans and Afghan allies from the Taliban in Afghanistan. Yet, some people (no names) still believe that the Biden Administration is on path and in line with the evacuation. Democrat or Republican, one must face the facts. Biden doesn’t have America at its best of heart. I would rather be hopeful and say Biden will send in troops to get them out alive, but my heart says they might all die before they leave the Kabul Airport. Are they getting food while being held on board the aircraft? Are they getting medical attention? Probably not, as it’s the Taliban’s way of fighting any resistance to the American way of life. The evacuees are being held for ransom in hopes that the U.S. will give into the Taliban’s demands. I am damn mad and you should be too. Are you tired of Biden’s “b.s.”? Frankly, I’m tired of Biden, Kamala, and Pelosi running the show.


I’m so sick of listening to the world news about Afghanistan, President Biden’s weak government, Americans stranded, Afghan allies left behind, and the trouble with the Taliban. Then you change the channel on television to tune in on the effects of Hurricane Ida, striking LA and MS, as a Category 4. The deadly storm killed nearly 50 people in the Northeast with extreme flooding, and destruction. No question that parts of NY and NJ were hit badly by the storm. Most of the deceased lived in basement apartments. The tragedy is there will not be another hurricane to that devastation in our lifetime.

This Labor Day weekend, I am resting and relaxing after two days of hospitalization. I am labeled medically “very fragile” by my doctor, but feel better and stronger today. More importantly, I’m learning to project imagery among my daily practice, A year ago, I had trouble walking with a right club foot. The year before that, I had two club feet. Two years later, both of my feet are straight, but now I had surgery recently to straighten my toes on the left foot.

I wasn’t born with club feet although my orthopedic surgeon as an adult now says I probably (most likely) was. I had muscular weakness in both my feet at birth, greater on one (right) foot than the other. No diagnosis was really made at the time. As a child, a diagnosis of extremely mild cerebral palsy (the most common type) was brought in, but dismissed. My childhood orthopedic surgeon told my mother I never had any one symptom of a set disease. Again, as an adult, the diagnosis was made by my neurologist, but dismissed. Overtime with the Lambert-Eaton Myasthenia Syndrome (LEMS) disease, my feet went inward.

I see myself walking better and stronger every day. I am able to walk on my foot, mainly my heel, even though I was not to put weight on it for 4 weeks due to surgery. The truth to light is that I overcame my physical difficulties. I am the miracle and lucky to be alive. My neurologist emailed me today. My white blood cells count went from 4.6 on November 30 of last year to 5.1 on April 19 of this year to recently 7.1 on August 31. What significance does the increase of white blood cells mean? That means that I am practically cured of autoimmune disease and my immune system is building up antibodies on its own.

Have a great Labor Day holiday. Rest, relax and enjoy the time with your loved ones and friends. May God’s many blessings be upon you.