New Book in the Making


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Saga of the Ages is in the making. It’s halfway written now. Different from any other historical novel, it is created with mystery and suspense. You as the reader will be led down a path of multiple murders, espionage and romance. The setting is in colonial times, during the American Revolutionary War Era. Some of the date and facts are true; the characters are fictitious. Artist – Dannie Michelle WrightLisa Marie - Finished PaintingRaoul - Finished Sketch

PayPal Account Established

I have a new shipment of books arriving for my newest publication,  Lingering Shadows. Softcover will be $17.99 + $6.95 shipping, a total of $24.94. Hardcover will be $26.99 + $7.95 shipping, a total of $34.94. The book is 406 pages and weighs 1.5 lbs. Please email me at for pricing of all other books; prices and shipping charges will vary.

For those that love to pay by check or cash, I have set up a new PayPal account. Please go to my link at for payment information. Please note that it will take up to 7-10 business days for checks to clear the bank. I recommend paying by credit card for faster receipt of the book. In addition, I will need your full shipping address via email to send the books(s).

I have a limited amount of books coming. Please order today as books will not last. You can go to my author website at (pen name) to see a description of all books.

Update on New Book – Lingering Shadows (Correction)

I just talked to AuthorHouse Publishers. Softcover (paperback) is $17.99 with a 37.94% discount. You are saving $11.00. Hardcover is $26.99 with a 37.22% discount. You are saving $16.00.* I have a new shipment of books arriving within two weeks. You can email me at to order.

If you buy online, it is a little more expensive; however, you have a seller’s book return program. Also, if you order through Amazon, it is my understanding there is free shipping if you order two or more books together.

*Please note this doesn’t include shipping charges on all books.

Just Released – New Book


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Lingering Shadows - 2It’s here finally! Lingering Shadows has been released and is online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. Working on my next book, Saga of the Ages, surrounding the American Revolutionary War. Created as a fiction, historical novel, I’m already up to the 6th chapter in writing it. Entails espionage, double-spies, romance (sex) and murder.

Lingering Shadows is my eighth book, gorgeous front cover design, 406 pages in length, full of beautiful houses from the post-Civil War Era. An historical novel, it is a creation of tragedy, patriotism and love of family. It entails the American way of life after the Civil War. A must-read for any historian or history bluff. Facts and events are true; characters are fictitious.

Available in Hardcover, Softcover and e-Book for all those Kindle lovers. I can give you a little better price than websites when I get a shipment of books. They usually come within two to three weeks (maximum).

A Good Day


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As promised, I am trying to blog weekly, if not daily. I’ve missed blogging so much. It not only gives me a social outlet, it helps to connect to others around the world. Although my philosophy may not be the same as others, I do express my own opinions and thoughts as I see them. Remember, these are just my opinions and not reflective of others’ or bias in anyway.

My mother is getting stronger everyday. A week home from the hospital, she is now up and around again. A different story than last month, as I saw her weakening and barely able to walk across the floor. The realization that I almost lost my mother is a sad one. Nevertheless, the three trips to the hospital since early February seem to have diminished. Let’s hope they stay that way.

I feel accomplished and I may say honking my own horn, proud to have created another book. This is my eighth book within four years. I couldn’t have done it though without the help of others. My publishers have been wonderful. They are a bit on the expensive side, but when you get a publisher that works, stick with them.

It is a beautiful and sunny day and the weekend brings in the beauty and warmth of springtime. The robins are scrambling on the ground and young birds chirping in their nest. The trees are about to bear fruit as blossoms are starting to appear. The bulbs are in the ground, ready to be replanted. A sign that wintertime is over this season.

I will leave you with this thought. When circumstances get a bit overwhelming in life, just remember that “This too shall pass.” Sometimes life brings us challenges suddenly without warning, but we have to get off the ground and start over again. This was a hard lesson I had to learn these past few months. You will be the wiser and the stronger person for it.

Given Birth – Literally That Is


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Today, I feel like I have given birth – literally that is, to a new book. Lingering Shadows was signed off today with final content evaluation approvals. It will be sent to printers next week. Look for it at Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites within the next two weeks. Someone bring out the champagne and make a toast!

The book is approximately 400 pages, based on actual war events and dates. An historical novel created during the post-Civil War days, American families thrive to survive. The South is defeated and building up their severely crippled economy. Read how one young American family struggles through the challenges of everyday life as shadows linger after the war.

Mom is Home Now


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Yes, I’m happy to report that my mother came home from the hospital this afternoon. She seems to be doing okay, but very sore from surgery. I think she is feeling a little better. She doesn’t look as weak as when she went into the hospital last week. She is taking new medications and seems a little bit stronger than before.

Thank you guys for all your prayers, well-wishes, encouragement and support. They mean a lot and much appreciated. It is good to be blogging again and connected to others. Stay well and have a great weekend everyone. Please continue to pray that my mother’s blood clot will soon dissolve in her right atrium.



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Thank you for all the prayers and well-wishes. They are uplifting and it helps to stay connected to others. For those that have asked about my mother, she seems in good spirits. There have been tons of prayers for her, especially during her surgery on Thursday. Her heart surgery was nearly 4 hours long. From my understanding, it took a long time to find a vein beforehand. She has had a rough time, but she seems to be resting now.

Talking to her tonight, I was relieved that she was able to express how she felt. She sounds good, but she is experiencing dizziness. Hopefully, it is only due to her medications and she can come home from the hospital soon. Even at my age, I still need my mother alive and well. My mother has been one of my greatest motivators in writing books. The last thing she said to me tonight was, “I love you,” which I quickly replied, “I love you” too.

A Roller Coaster Ride


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It has been an ‘up and down’ roller coaster ride today. My mother went into surgery just after noontime. She had a mild heart ablation with a new pacemaker implanted. That was decided on Tuesday due to her advanced age and weakened heart. She came out of surgery around 2:00 p.m. and has been in recovery this afternoon. Last word I heard is that she is in a regular room now, but still in pain from her surgery.

Thank you for your continuous prayers and well-wishes. Please keep the prayers coming. God is good and will see my mother through this. Now the healing process starts.

Going Through the Motions


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My mother is having heart surgery tomorrow. I’m not so much worried she won’t survive the surgery, as the healing process afterwards. I’m at a crossroad, not knowing what will happen tomorrow. I put my faith in God and confidence in the surgeon’s hands. I know with God’s help, He can get her through this ordeal. I have seen God work in mysterious ways. He changed me several years ago as I encountered health issues. That was a turning point in my life.

Talking to my mother over the phone this evening, I reassured her that all would be okay. Having my own fears, particularly with her advanced age and weakened heart, I tried not to show my concerns. I told her I love her, the one thing she does need to hear. It has to be difficult for her. I could sense her pain over the phone. In retrospect, I hope this surgery prolongs my mother’s life and she can live out the rest of her days happy and healthy. Thanks for all the prayers and please keep them coming.