Vote Your Conscious In November – Senator Ted Cruz


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Who will be our 45th President of the United States of America? As we head for elections this fall, in the words of Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, “Vote your conscious in November.” Watching both the Republican (RNC) and Democratic (DNC) conventions on social media, I come away feeling even more uncertain of either party. Frankly, I dislike both candidates, but out of the mouth of my own elderly father, “Vote for the less of two evils.” Consider which candidate would do less damage in office for the next four years and possibly for the next eight years.

While married, my husband and I were “Conservative Democrats.” My husband was an attorney and worked for the State of Georgia. He became an Administrative Law Judge in 1982, about a year after we were married. I volunteered for the Democratic Party when I entered a graduate (Masters) program in spring of 1989. After our marital split in 1996, I became a registered Republican and still to this day….

I am a disabled woman now due to chronic illness and an autoimmune condition. I am single (divorced), retired with only a teacher’s pension and disability. I have a limited income. After earning a doctorate in education in 2004, I taught public high school until 2010. I taught English to special education students. I retired from school teaching due to disability in May of 2012.

As I watched the DNC this week, I did not hear one word about ISIS until last night – the third night. Vice-President Joe Biden made a statement about ISIS, however, why wasn’t it not mentioned otherwise? Was it the embarrassment of removing American troops from Afghanistan? Nothing was said of Islamic threats and tactics either. I stayed glued to my television all week waiting to hear about Islamic issues, only to be disappointed.

Media reported that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met privately four hours in the Oval Office after the attack in Libya. President Obama had yet to be notified. Why wasn’t he alerted first? Where was backup and why wasn’t it organized? Americans died because there was no enforcement secured. Their deaths may have been prevented through proper organization of troops.

Also, I didn’t notice the American flag until last night and there was only one on stage. Tonight, there are several American flags. The Democrats are finally getting wiser! Hillary will give her acceptance speech tonight. Chelsea will introduce her mother. Speakers are saying that Hillary has guts. Yes, it must take guts to stand in front of millions watching and declare you are the best running candidate for office.

Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, spoke on Tuesday night. I listened to his speech, as he declared love for his wife. If Clinton loved his wife so much, why did he openly cheat on Hillary left and right? And where is Monica Lewinsky? Will she make another appearance before long? One thing is certain. Monica was definitely prettier than Hillary. No pun intended.

A recent poll of registered voters revealed that 68% to 70% of voters were dissatisfied with the direction of this country. Secretary Hillary Clinton’s campaign claims that all is right with America and this country is great. First Lady Michelle Obama said eight years ago that the nation wasn’t great. That conflicted with her speech on Monday night.

Americans need to wake up and look around them. Some just don’t want to see the truth. The Democrats are leading the nation into a Socialist society. They want to override the middle class with only upper and lower classes. More terrorists are entering the country with terrorist threats against the country. More law enforcement officers are injured or killed everyday by defending their own officers. Property taxes are highly inflated and rising, while unemployment remains a national concern among people in the workforce and recent college graduates.

In the past decade, health care has been costly for the average American, while people on welfare and illegal aliens fill the Health Departments applying for Medicaid. Guess who pays that bill? The taxpayers do! Gun control is ‘out of control’ becoming significantly problematic in major cities all over the country. More young adults and children are killed in schools from gunmen that were allowed to purchase firearms without so-called ‘sanctioned’ or legalized gun laws. More mass killings are seen across the country as in the recent shootings in Orlando, Florida. The country is trillions in debt and raising taxes to bring in revenue for the nation. College students and graduates are deeply in debt due to student loans and delinquent bills.

Hillary’s pitch of Donald Trump’s “Not qualified for office, fake campaign and bully tactics,” are trumping the podium for Trump’s slamming words that “Maybe Russia will find Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails.” Do we want or need a bully in office? And what happened to the individuals that lost their money and scholarships to Trump University years ago? The DNC hasn’t left Trump in a good light. They stated he ran millions in debt and claimed bankruptcies, leaving businesses in a jam to take the fall. On the other hand, the RNC had made Hillary look like an incompetent woman who needs advice on everything…they talked mainly about her crooked political strategies and dishonesty. Yet, Hillary claims she is the best qualified to lead the nation.

Some feel that Trump is a God-send for our nation. Is he the man for us? My parents didn’t raise a dummy. I do believe in equality and fairness to all. I don’t believe in misleading people with unproven statements or half-truths. As much as we have been lied to these past eight years, Americans are getting sick and tired of all the bureaucratic monopoly in Washington D.C. Nothing is being done and I feel that once Hillary is in office, the nation may see a repeat of Obama Care and political tactics. More so, it may get worse.

I am not a “Pig” either, in Trump’s slurring words in his viewpoint of women. He wasn’t just talking about Rosie either. Trump doesn’t feel that Hillary is capable of holding office, yet Hillary trumps Trump in political experience. A woman is equally capable of holding office if well-qualified for the job. I am for equal opportunities and humanity for all, men and women, race, creed or color. In the quote of President Obama’s speech last night, “Yes, we can!”

I leave you in light of V.P. Biden’s speech last night, “God bless you and God bless America.” Vote your conscious, but whatever you do, please get out in November and vote! Don’t let Obama serve another four years by not voting for either candidate. That would be a national tragedy. This is your time to get out and make a voice for yourself as well as your family. The time to decide the direction of this nation. What do you want in terms of civil rights? Of American rights? Of LGBT rights? Of illegal immigrants? Of prayer in schools? Of national security? Of gun control? Of Social Security and Medicare?

As our forefathers stood in the halls where liberty and democracy were created, let freedom ring for all citizens who stand proud to say America is their homeland, their country and one that they love. “Libertas Omnium” or “Libertas Supra Omnia,” which translates to “Freedom for all.” As Spock said in Star Trek’s Wrath of Khan, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or one.”

Written by Anne Rakestraw Murray



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Surgerical Procedure



Sorry I’ve been silent for a while. I did something last week that should have been done five years ago. I had a new port implanted last Wednesday afternoon for my monthly infusions. My sister, Janice, went with me last week to the local hospital. I admit I was a bit nervous about the procedure beforehand. As much as I hate the idea of surgery, it was time to take some type of action.

The surgerical procedure itself seemed to go very well according to the surgeon. The port is directly under my neck (high above the chest area) on the right side. The surgeon explained it is attached to a major artery to the heart. A good thing when getting infusions and wanting them to take affect quicker.

Some discomfort and soreness which I’m told by a chemo nurse will go away within two weeks. The infusions this week were less painful and easier, as well as shortening the time to find a vein that was accessible. In the past, sometimes that took up to an hour for nurses to find a good vein in my arms or hands. After several months of this, I realize the arms and hands are tired.

The stitches come out tomorrow afternoon. I’m hoping all goes well tomorrow as the infusions did yesterday and today. Next, I want to research to find a doctor who is familiar and experienced with the cellular structure of autoimmune disorders. I hope and pray for a reversal of this disease everyday.

Everyone, have a good week and whatever you do, make it work for you. Please feel free to drop me a line or two.

Happy Mother’s Day


Tomorrow represents one of my favorite holidays. It is a time to acknowledge all the mothers in the world. Many families have family parties, picnics and social events in celebration of this special day.

My mother is still living and still active today. She tops the list at 86 years old, soon to be 87 this coming July 5th. I realize time is limited for my mother on this earth, but I cherish each and every day she is alive.

In dedication to my mother, I say thanks for continuing to give and to love. You are among one of the most beautiful women in heart and soul in this world. In abundance appreciation, I love you bunches.


Healing Old Wounds


How do we heal old wounds? I’m not talking about physical “scars,” but those internal scars that don’t seem to heal over time. Emotional scars that have existed over thirty, forty, even fifty or more years. The experts say that “Time heals all wounds,” but I have found that not necessarily true. Some wounds are embedded far within the surface for nearly the person’s lifetime. The wounds go incredibly deep and are so internalized, that they magnify when they reach the surface. A fragile and delicate soul is intertwined with a bleeding heart within. Yet, I have to wonder, is it old wounds of hurt, of regret, or of disappointment invading the person?

The answer goes back to the primary source of the emotional or mental pain itself. Is the conflict the person encountered actual self-denial strategies from the beginning, thinking the problem would go away by itself? By this, the person merely denies the problem. “If the problem isn’t discussed, it simply doesn’t exist” type attitude. Is it a continuing struggle with one ‘self’ in conquering the problem? Is it a more a sense of control? Is it fear of losing someone or something? Or could it be that the wounds remained dormant over time and manifested “festered” outwardly much later?

Life isn’t easy and no one said it was ever fair. Coping mechanisms with stresses of life can help when the person encounters more challenging times in today’s society. But do we really know when healing takes place? More so, do we know how to heal wholly and is there such a thing as healing completely internally? Continue reading

Wounded Heart in Flight


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Wounded Heart in Flight” has gone international this month. The London International Book Fair is on this month. It lasts through the end of April. You can review the book on the bookshelves and purchase it. The book is in the English language only in the U.K. I’m entertaining thoughts to have it translated into other languages one day.

It received an excellent rating by both publisher and readers. A novel written by me with a lineage of Native American ancestry. The main character is a young woman with Cherokee roots from the Midwest Territory, whom finds forgiveness with devastating events in her life. The book reflects the gift of healing and cleansing the earth of bad spirits. The land evolves, bringing prosperity and happiness to those surrounding the main character. The wolf symbolizes peace and comfort, while the eagle symbolizes the spirit freeing itself.

Frustrations in Writing and Publishing


There have been some comments on the online bookstore about the bird on the front cover of my first book. I’m hearing all the noise. To answer your inquiries, that is a cardinal. A Scarlet Tanager is a type of cardinal. The only difference is that the Scarlet Tanager has black-winged tips and a black beak. It has no crown like the Red Cardinal. The book was published nearly three years ago in the summer of 2013. Due to copyrights and printing issues, a cardinal was the closest thing I could find to the bird. If you read the book, it will explain that and give the description in the last chapter. Continue reading

Dust In the Wind – Literally, That Is


I had infusions yesterday and today. It becomes old after awhile. It seems that the infusions will continue every 4 weeks without interruptions. I wait patiently for a cure or a reversal of this disease, while deep inside I know there is none. “It is what it is” as the doctor says. I look for alternate treatments for this autoimmune disorder, but it takes time to find them.

I sense a real purpose in the events that have happened these last six years. One thing I have done productively these last few years is write. Writing for pleasure, writing for enjoyment and fun, writing to lift me up spiritually and emotionally. It is much like therapy. I write to deal with all my pain and hurts of the past, to which I say “dust in the wind.”

Over the last few days, my spirit has come alive. I find myself suddenly flooded with happiness and glee. My ‘demons’ inside have left and I am spiritually free. My depression has lifted. I no longer feel self-pity for myself. There is a wanting to move forward with life, no matter the circumstances. Despite health challenges, I have my life and family to be grateful for.

This is advice to anyone who will listen. Enjoy your life while you can. Travel, go see your loved ones, family or friends while you can. It is important to keep balance in your life. It helps to mentally keep focused and to stay happy. Life will pass you by if you don’t. An all too important lesson learned. I’m appreciative I had the chance to travel and visit places that I am unable to now.

Wishing you all happiness and success through life. May you find the inner peace you are looking for. Peace of mind will come with accepting conditions to where healing can take place. It has taken me years to find this inner peace, but I feel confident it is there now.