About the Author

Writer and Author, I live in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. I am a retired schoolteacher. I am lazy in retirement. I love laughter, family and friends, and creating books. I just started recently writing poetry and share some of these poems on my blog.

My pen name in Elizabeth A. Philips. Two of my nonfictional books written in 2013, As The Scarlet Tanager Sings and As The Sweet Honey Runs, will be under that name. You can research all my books at http://www.elizabethaphilips.com.

Please see About the Book page for books listed. A description of each book is given.



215 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Anne, I’m honored you’ve chosen to follow JonahzSong. I pray the Lord Bless, Keep, and Shine upon you and yours. Wil


  2. Thank you. And you also.

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  3. Wanda Frey said:

    Hi Anne. I just saw your advertisement in the Marietta Bright Side paper. I’m very intrigued by your books and want to buy one. What’s the best one to start with? Also, could you give me a pointer on publishing. I have written a child’s book which conveys God’s undeserved love and grace to us via the pursuit of a master seeking out his STINKER of a dog who is in all kinds of trouble, but loved all the same. His antics make him quite funny. Any suggestions? If you roll your eyes at the publishing question and ignore me, that’s okay. 😀 I’m still intrigued by your books.


    • Thanks, Wanda. The ad just came out today. Glad to hear from you. Anyway, Wounded Heart in Flight seems to be the favorite of readers to date. If you like historical novels, my last two books are surrounding the Civil War. I’m working on another historical novel surrounding colonial days during the American Revolutionary Era. Good idea for a children’s book. Need to find a publisher you like and stick with them. They will all try to offer you packages. I chose self-publishing opposed to traditional publishing because I have more control over the content of the book. Thanks again for your interest and feedback. You can see all my books at http://www.elizabethaphilips.com for more details and descriptions. If you want to email me at annepm@comcast.net, I can send you pricing and payment information on books. Anne


  4. Hi Anne, I see that you removed your “family” post. Because of the way your page is formatted I read the whole thing on my email.

    I want to offer you a couple suggestions.

    My family was so shattered by what amounts to petty squabbles that the living members — cousins — do not know each other. Most of us haven’t spoken for years. Our parents didn’t speak so the children never really knew each other. That is a terrible thing.

    You wrote something like you refuse to be blamed. Forget that. That’s your ego speaking. Either let arguments roll off your back — because families argue, or be the peacemaker. It’s emotionally hard. But, as I say now… family first.

    If you have issues to settle, do it in person. Emails are too cold. Phone calls are okay, but you can’t see each other’s faces.

    Hope something I wrote helps.

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  5. Thank you, Ray, for your advice and coming to my rescue. When everything settles down a little, I will meet the other person in person. Yes, I did delete the post. It makes peace in the family easier than hurting my feelings. I shouldn’t have been rash to spread family issues online, but I was hurt yesterday.


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