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Heard by Trump many times, a phrase that not only has political value, it lies in the heart of every American. Whether you voted for Trump or Biden, one vision that stays in my mind is that this country needs to get back to greatness again. We have staggered with the COVID-19 epidemic. It was unexpected, unwarranted, and definitely unwanted. How do we recover as a nation after the coronavirus hits all over the world? Without realizing the extent of the impact on our economy, our nation has come through a major setback that may never fully recover from it. Not to sound negative, this year we have gone through a series of declines economically. They have an adverse effect on our country’s morale.

I feel that America has lost its vision of unity and equality. Americans do not carry the pride our forefathers had. During the epidemic, some have become depressed and discouraged, disillusioned about our economy’s inflation. Yes, we are suffering the worst economic inflation I’ve seen in my lifetime with higher taxes and price increases, but I’m encouraged that this will be resolved. It will not be automatic, it will be over time with a new government, a new voice, and a new America. Americans are not that stupid, at least the majority of them. They see through the political “bull” chaos going on in Washington, D.C. Our nation needs new leaders, new ideas that will benefit everyone. I’m tired of hearing about the Far Left, the Woke, the demise of the Democratic Party. Give me some good news, damn it.

As far as the Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the education program, children aren’t learning in schools. Yet, I see this as a period of transition. The premise that children have to apologize for the color of their skin seems absurd to me. What are we teaching our children these days? To hate, to feel inferior, to be ashamed of who they are. I taught high school students for some years. The word “racist” was used to heighten racial tension in some situations. However, I saw positive interactions among a diverse group of people too. It was understood that non-whites and whites could get along. There is also no need for white students to apologize for being white. It is their origin, as any other race. One would have to address “white supremacy” as a form of racial denial for white students. It is a farce, no such thing exists, and shouldn’t be allowed to be taught in schools.

America needs to stand strong and rebuild strength, especially seen today while honoring our veterans who served our country. They fought for our freedom and our liberty. Watching President Biden honor the fallen hero at the ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’ brought back memories of how many have given their lives for our country. They served proudly and bravely. The ceremony was moving and filled the heart with courage to move forward. My father served both in the Navy at Corpus Christi and the Air Forces at Cocoa Beach, FL during the Korean War. Other family members have served in the Army Corps, such as my uncle, cousin, nephew, and brother-in-law, to name a few. It is an honor to have them serve our country.

What has happened to our nation? It seems as if Americans have lost their spirit. The ideology behind America’s dream of a better world is going in the wrong direction. This is not the America I grew up in. We had so much hope, more positive thinking, and dreams of a bright future. That is all but an image now. We need to start building a foundation of common ground and put our interests into America, not worrying that our country will be filtrated with illegal aliens. This is a sign of the times that the American culture is changing, as we see thousands of immigrants flood the southern border every day. Remember, the country voted for a man whom we thought would be good for America, only to be blindsided by efforts to change our nation into a more socialistic society. Wake up, America! It is our time to fight back.