Gas prices are increasing every day, inflation hikes economically, higher property taxes, cost of living increases, cargo delays in ports, manpower shortages due to vaccine mandates nationwide, southern border crisis, and our foreign policy is shot to hell, which has caused other countries to laugh at us. We are literally the laughing stock of countries like China and Russia. We are no longer the greatest nation in the world. We have lost credibility all over the world.

Are we doing okay as a nation? The country has shifted downhill this year when Biden came into office last January. It is obvious to most Americans that something is terribly wrong and the Biden Administration is turning their heads in acknowledging that problems exist in our nation. Furthermore, they are ignoring the problems and refuse to find solutions. It is as if we are being lied to in order to shut us up.

Over thirty years ago, I was a liberal and even volunteered for the Democratic Party. My ex-husband knew the Speaker of the House, Tom Murphy, at that time. Now, at my age of maturity, I feel that politics has shifted in this country to a more socialist (communist-like) movement in society. Are we to be governed as a people, told how and where to live? In the future, will young families be told to limit their number of children, as China does now? The maximum is one to two children, due to overpopulation.

The average gas price nationally at this time last year was $2.24 per gallon; now, it is $3.44 per gallon. That is $1.20 or 43.3% above average. Vaccine mandates over COVID-19 have caused manpower to lessen nationally, causing delays in delivering cargo to ports. In addition, former workers are paid not to work, to stay at home. Why should they work? There are 1.7 million immigrants crossing our southern border and a wave of more to come from Mexico, and Honduras. Let’s not forget the immigrants from Haiti, Venezuela, and neighboring countries that have crossed the border already.

Frankly, I didn’t like either candidate in 2020, however, I felt Trump was a better and stronger candidate than Biden. Biden’s weak leadership, havoc over his foreign policy, and other critical decisions, such as stopping the wall at the southern border, and stopping the Keystone Turnpike, natural oil leading from Canada to plants in Texas, lead me to think he is wrong for what this country needs. Biden wants to buy oil from the Arab Republic, making gas and oil prices exorbitantly high in the near future. The Far Left doesn’t seem to want natural power and energy. Rather, the Woke controls what our country is becoming, a Socialist country.

The Biden Administration is just as crippled in government. Their advice is poor and makes Biden look incompetent rather than strong, as a leader of our country should be. Immigrants are invading our country at a record speed. They will be able to obtain driver licenses, and state IDs, which will lead them to voter rights in years to come. They will be able to vote for state and national elections, mainly Democrats. We will soon not have a country nor a democracy.

I will not go into critical race theory or mandates for teachers. Let’s save that for another day. I was a high school teacher, teaching students with learning problems in mainstream classrooms. My subjects were English, Math, and Literature. I loved language, as my mother, and got my thirst of knowledge from her. Do I believe in separating gifted students from average students? Absolutely, whereas more advanced students can help average students in the general classrooms, gifted students are held back from learning their full potential, talent(s), and creativity.

I am not a phenetic over politics, just a concerned citizen. I am from a middle-class family of four daughters. My mother was an elementary school teacher, teaching gifted children. My father was a businessman and salesman. They worked hard all their lives and encouraged their children. They promoted family pride and being proud of our southern roots. We didn’t have a lot of money to spend, but it had gone a long way with what we had.

Growing up, my maternal grandmother taught me goodness, honesty, and truth. She represented the ‘Old South” to me. Her heart was good as gold. Being taken out of public school as a young child due to the death of her father, taught me the importance of a good education. It gave me meaning and purpose in life. A reason I love to write so much.

My suggestion is to contact your local representatives. Hound them if you must and voice your concerns. You are an American citizen, you have that right. Become proactive in critical decisions concerning your children, grandchildren, education, healthcare, medicare, and social security, particularly in retirement. In addition, there are other issues, such as cost of living, inflation, high taxes, price increases, and mandates.

Come on, wake up Americans! We are steadily losing our great country and what it stood for, what our ancestors fought for – freedom, liberty, and democracy. Start getting involved before it is too late. If afraid to respond to this post due to censorship, please write to Trump’s website at Gettr or Trump Truth at Gettr. I understand that millions have responded already.