We are living in a new age. Times have changed from even a decade ago. We have moved into an age of mask mandates for the public, as well as public school children. This past year, we have dealt with social distancing, COVID-19 vaccines, boosters, delta variant strains. higher taxes, inflation, gasoline price increases, cost of living and so forth. What about all this climate change? Seems to me, global warning is an established pattern started a few decades ago. Is it a hoax? Are we really going to burn up eventually?

I’m getting tired of social media reporting tragic news. I sometimes just shut off the television or radio. Sometimes, I feel that the facts are not completely reported to the viewers, often misconstrued as “fake” news. Local news can sometimes be interesting, however, national news becomes repetitive and monotonous. Forget world news – it is even more tragic. What news can we believe is true and what do we need to filter out, if any?

I believe people are doing the best they can. An equal break doesn’t exist anymore. We are in an age of “survival among the fittest”. I see frustrations in everyday living, families, and individuals. People have been depressed because they are unable to get out socially as much as in the past years. We are human beings – social beings. When social distancing occurs, something happens to us.

I see this almost everyday as I talk to others, even with family members and friends. People tend to forget that I’ve been in assisted living off and on for two years. I am physically handicapped and unable to get out some as most people. Tension adds as I’m recovering from another surgery. Truth is, I’d rather be left alone to heal fully right now. I need rest, not retaliation.