My friend asked today after seeing the devastation left by many tornados which hit several states across the nation. Dismayed upon hearing that workers were killed in KY early this morning when a tornado struck a candle factory, my friend questioned why God didn’t intervene to save lives. Tragic as it is, God didn’t cause the deaths of at least 70 people in the building.

This was the worst storm recorded in KY. The death toll could rise to a hundred or more for all six states. Life hasn’t been that easy for some people this year. With COVID-19 for nearly two years, to be able to work extra hours during a time of unemployment and inflation certainly sounded appealing. The workers were working overnight at the candle factory to have money for Christmas.

My friend has the right to question God, but he doesn’t understand that God is working to make good no matter the circumstances. It is unfortunate that many people died and rebuilding will take a while. But people will rebuild; homes, towns, buildings, and factories will rebuild. God is always in charge. He will restore loss, heal pain, build hope, maintain strength, and give wisdom to those in need.