A Texas Superintendent recently advised teachers to choose books for students which stated that the Holocaust was a matter of opinion, whether it happened or not? Unbelievable that this superintendent wants to knock out world history after World War I, mainly European history, as a fragment of one’s opinion. The extermination of six million Jews didn’t actually happen nor Adolf Hitler’s dominance over Germany and a large portion of Europe. Hitler loved Jews and concentration camps all over Poland and south Germany didn’t exist. If you believe this, you might believe anything that President Biden states. The Democratic Party is more idealistic to the European principles of government. It doesn’t seem very democratic these days, but there is still freedom of speech. That might be taken away too.

I know in fact the Holocaust existed. I have a Jewish friend whose one side of his family was killed in Poland. Fortunately, his grandparents fled Europe safely before arriving in America in the early 1920s. They are among the lucky ones, the survivors under the government of the German Social Democratic (Nazi) Party. What about millions of Jews being led like cattle onto train boxcars? They were bunched up with no room to breathe or move. What about the gas chambers themselves? What about photographs showing dead naked bodies in ditches stacked on top of each other? What about chimneys blowing steam from fire ovens with the ghastly smell and stanch from human flesh?

Hitler was one-eighth Jewish himself. Instead of destroying the Jewish race in Germany, he could have utilized them in government, monetary positions, military strategic decisions, law, science, medicine, and in civil actions. What was Hitler thinking? His hatred for the Jews and his desire to create a superior nation with ‘aryan’ people in race overrode his power as a great leader. Anyone ‘non-aryan’ was viewed as obsolete by Nazi ideology. This not only included people of Jewish descent, it included gypsies and non-Caucasian people too.

Something to think about. If we are to teach our children that one has an opinion of a historical event, whether it’s factual or not, it seems a little over the edge to me. I taught high school students some years back. I taught truth, actual events and history. But the Texas Superintendent’s way of teaching will only confuse students. It conflicts with theology, ideology, and sociology of natural history. It condemns historical research and knowledge. Granted it teaches our children to think individually, but it also divides history into two different sectors. What do you think? You have my permission as the author to reblog this post.