What Would Biden Have Done?

Looking over today’s events twenty years ago, one concludes that 9/11 was a terrible day for America. It stands as a significant change for all Americans. A date we all set in our minds, as we reflect back on one man who hated America and Americans. Osama Bin Laden attempted to destroy our country and our economy. But it makes me think, “What would Biden do if 20 years ago?”

On September 11, 2001, several planes took off on American soil, never to be seen again, as all its passengers and crew members were killed before reaching the ground. One such plane was traveling from Newark, NJ to San Francisco, CA that morning. After a 40-minute delay, United Airlines Flight 93 took off at 8:41 a.m. Forty-five later, the plane flew off course toward Washington. All contact was lost until an eye witness saw it crash near Shanksville, PA at 10:03 a.m. There were 45 people altogether on that plane. Through recordings of the cockpit’s voice recorder and black box, we found out what actually happened on that tragic day. Four terrorists had hijacked the plane to take over control and strike the Capitol. Had passengers not stopped the terrorists, the plane was headed to destroy the Capitol on that date. Led by passenger Todd Beam from Upper Saddle River, NJ, his famous line, “Let’s roll”, is still heard today.

This strikes close to my heart, as my good friend is from Upper Saddle River, NJ. He grew up in Brooklyn, NY, just eight miles from Lower Manhattan where the Twin Towers once stood. I saw my friend cry today for people he did not even know, for children that will never see their deceased relatives: fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, and aunts lost. I could not take the emotion as young children read names of the deceased and I had to leave the coverage on television for a little while. I cried for them as my own relatives.

Some people would say I’m a little rough on Biden, but they are blinded by the fact that Biden pulled out of Afghanistan on the deadline of August 31. Biden pulled out all U.S. troops before Americans and Afghan allies. They were left behind to defend for themselves against Taliban rule. Also, 13 American soldiers were killed at the Kabul Airport because a photo before 9/11 was needed by Biden to show the world that we won victory in ending the war. The war has not ended. In two to three years, we will probably enter another war with the Taliban. The women and girls will now be under Sharia Law of the Taliban, stripping them of many rights.

Biden went to three speeches today, the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA. He was not allowed to speak at one. Former President George W. Bush spoke in Shanksville, PA. His famous line, “I hear you America!” at the World Trade Center 20 years ago rings through today. America, I hear you too, and I cry for you today. Biden said, “We will be united as one”. Yes, Biden, we are united in hating you.

In Remembrance

I cry for you America,

Seeing people assemble,

I am filled with emotion,

My eyes began to tear,

As friends and loved ones gather,

To play tribute to lives lost,

Twenty years ago.

As names were read,

With tear-stained eyes,

Of those who bravely died in the Twin

Towers, the planes and the Pentagon.

I cry for you America,

For others who hate you,

For those who want to destroy

you, and any resemblance of the

American way of life.

For standing your ground,

For securing your beauty,

In what you value most,

Your beliefs, your strength,

Your courage, and your honor.

I cry for you America,

For defending your country,

For your heroes,

Who fought courageously,

And fearlessly.

In celebrating peace, liberty,

And freedom for all.

You will never be forgotten,

As another generation is born,

And for generations to come,

For time is endless,

Whenever tragedy strikes,

As that terrible day on 9/11.

Are you Fed Up With Biden Yet?

It has come to my attention watching the world news that President Biden doesn’t plan to do a damn thing to help free Americans and Afghan allies from the Taliban in Afghanistan. Yet, some people (no names) still believe that the Biden Administration is on path and in line with the evacuation. Democrat or Republican, one must face the facts. Biden doesn’t have America at its best of heart. I would rather be hopeful and say Biden will send in troops to get them out alive, but my heart says they might all die before they leave the Kabul Airport. Are they getting food while being held on board the aircraft? Are they getting medical attention? Probably not, as it’s the Taliban’s way of fighting any resistance to the American way of life. The evacuees are being held for ransom in hopes that the U.S. will give into the Taliban’s demands. I am damn mad and you should be too. Are you tired of Biden’s “b.s.”? Frankly, I’m tired of Biden, Kamala, and Pelosi running the show.


I’m so sick of listening to the world news about Afghanistan, President Biden’s weak government, Americans stranded, Afghan allies left behind, and the trouble with the Taliban. Then you change the channel on television to tune in on the effects of Hurricane Ida, striking LA and MS, as a Category 4. The deadly storm killed nearly 50 people in the Northeast with extreme flooding, and destruction. No question that parts of NY and NJ were hit badly by the storm. Most of the deceased lived in basement apartments. The tragedy is there will not be another hurricane to that devastation in our lifetime.

This Labor Day weekend, I am resting and relaxing after two days of hospitalization. I am labeled medically “very fragile” by my doctor, but feel better and stronger today. More importantly, I’m learning to project imagery among my daily practice, A year ago, I had trouble walking with a right club foot. The year before that, I had two club feet. Two years later, both of my feet are straight, but now I had surgery recently to straighten my toes on the left foot.

I wasn’t born with club feet although my orthopedic surgeon as an adult now says I probably (most likely) was. I had muscular weakness in both my feet at birth, greater on one (right) foot than the other. No diagnosis was really made at the time. As a child, a diagnosis of extremely mild cerebral palsy (the most common type) was brought in, but dismissed. My childhood orthopedic surgeon told my mother I never had any one symptom of a set disease. Again, as an adult, the diagnosis was made by my neurologist, but dismissed. Overtime with the Lambert-Eaton Myasthenia Syndrome (LEMS) disease, my feet went inward.

I see myself walking better and stronger every day. I am able to walk on my foot, mainly my heel, even though I was not to put weight on it for 4 weeks due to surgery. The truth to light is that I overcame my physical difficulties. I am the miracle and lucky to be alive. My neurologist emailed me today. My white blood cells count went from 4.6 on November 30 of last year to 5.1 on April 19 of this year to recently 7.1 on August 31. What significance does the increase of white blood cells mean? That means that I am practically cured of autoimmune disease and my immune system is building up antibodies on its own.

Have a great Labor Day holiday. Rest, relax and enjoy the time with your loved ones and friends. May God’s many blessings be upon you.

President Biden’s Holocaust

Please note that all of my viewpoints are of personal opinion only. It is not my intention to persuade or dissuade certain political issues on either side, Republican or Democratic. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It is within my rights to express my own thoughts, feelings and reactions on both national and international affairs. If you disagree or dislike my comments on the Biden Administration, you are not obligated to comment on my posts on my personal blog. But thanks for reading my posts and following my blog.

That said, no matter which political party you follow, one has to admit that President Biden screwed up the Afghanistan evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies. Are you f…… kidding me? It’s vey stupid; beyond stupid. It doesn’t make any sense. All Biden had to do, according to former President Trump, was to wait three months to evacuate Americans and allies. But through Biden’s arrogance and “We must get out of Afghanistan quickly” attitude, it led many to be stranded and unable to get to the Kabul Airport. Biden would have had better results in November I feel, when the Taliban goes to Pakistan during the winter.

I feel that Thursday’s events have caused another Holocaust among the Afghans. Are we entering another genocide among nations? I’m pissed off and damn mad, watching parents sob after losing their son or daughter as one of the 13 fallen Marines last Thursday, the worst day for Biden and the U.S. A mother cursed Biden because her son was at the Kabul Airport to get a picture for the 9/11 group photo. “My son died for nothing!” she cried. The Taliban has proven that they can’t be trusted. I thought one saving grace for Biden would be no more terrorist attacks at the airport and getting all Americans and allies out by the deadline of August 31 (today), but that too has been defeated by the Taliban.

Three questions I have for Biden – “Why were you so quick to evacuate U.S. troops in Afghanistan without a highly organized, more effective and safer plan for evacuees?” “Why not extend the deadline for evacuation?” “Why are you so afraid to send military reinforcement to Kabul to kill those Taliban s.o.b.s?” According to Biden at a recent press conference, he stated, “I am instructed to”. Instructed to? By whom? He also stated he would take no more questions after a press conference this weekend.

Sadly, I feel for the American people and their allies. Blood is on Biden’s hands for the fallen victims, as I predicted last week. I predict we might be in another world war by next year. We might not have a country in several years. Wake up people, this is our home, our land and our nation. This is the land of opportunity and freedom for all. Call your representatives, senators, congressman/woman and governor for support. My feeling is that Biden is a smuck and will always be a smuck.

Challenging Times

We are living in challenging times. World events contribute a large part, but we see our nation falling apart under our own eyes. The events of the last few days with Afghanistan’s terror show that America is slipping into a state of uncontrol, non-response and lack of power. We are becoming no longer the greatest nation in the world. How could things go so wrong and happen so quickly? My greatest concern is that this will start a series of events around the world which will eventually result in another world war.

History tends to repeat itself. My good friend is the grandson of Jewish immigrants from Poland and Czechoslovak. He spent his childhood hearing stories of the Holocaust’s effects on Nazi Germany. He would had been reared under German law if his grandparents hadn’t fled Adolf Hitler’s domain. The Jewish people were at the hands of a manioc who not only wanted to destroy them but invaded Poland (Sept 1 – Oct 6, 1939) which started the beginning of World War II. Britain and France declared war on Germany. Hitler invaded the Soviet Union (June 22, 1941), occupying most of Europe and North Africa.

Forget the COVID-19, the coronavirus that surfaced in Wuhan, China in 2019. Forget the increase with a dominant strain of the Delta Variant, discovered in India. We now have to worry about refugees entering our country and immigrants crossing our border. Are we safe as Americans and what is to happen to the next generation?

Looking Back

A couple of months ago before the summer heat and hot humidity hit Atlanta, I was talking with a family member over the phone. Now living in assisted-living (not a nursing home) due to a series of multiple surgeries, infections, and a leg fracture the past two years, I keep communication open with family and friends. Although a fair distance from the rest of my family, I still communicate through phone, emails or text messages. Everyone is busy with their own lives, their own families and loved ones. My elderly mother passed last year in March and my elderly father is living in an assistance living home himself a little north of here. His health is good and he seems to enjoy it. Three meals a day, laundry and housekeeping provided…what is not to like.

I remember the conversation I had over the phone. My family is assisting my father with doctor and medical appointments. They drive him to regularly scheduled appointments. That is a good thing but it is what this family member said that particular day that got me. She said that being obedient to one’s parents is biblical but there was no obligation to siblings. I can’t argue there about obeying one’s parents and their wishes, however, I could take her statement two ways. Either she felt obligated to my father and not to me or she was too busy in her own personal matters to care at the time.

I disagree with her statement. Family is family, especially blood kin, no matter the circumstances. The statement is forgiven but not forgotten. I could have taken it wrong but I don’t think so. It haunts me still today. Life brought me a set of circumstances in health and medical problems. They were out of my control and could not be prevented (except maybe the last leg injury). I am here for a reason, a purpose. My life this past year has been filled with making new friendships and restoring hope to others. I have been attending weekly bible studies and renewing my relationship with God. I am slow to come around, as these last two years have been both challenging and remarkable.

Today, I pulled a lesson from Psalms 22:26 – All who seek the Lord will praise Him. Their hearts will rejoice with everlasting joy. Remember that everyday is a blessing. Gracious Lord, thank You for giving me everything I need to be happy. I am thankful that when I have a long frustrating or bad day, my good friend tells me that he loves me. It brings me much happiness and a new meaning to life. We need to find blessings in everything, even little things. Be grateful for what you have and don’t forget about others in your life

I’m grateful I’m alive, even after continuous dips in health issues this past year. I feel like I’ve been on a roller-coaster ride. This came to true light after I had major surgery last September. Three or four days after the surgery, my blood pressure dropped drastically very low. I had been taking powerful pain medication. After taking my blood pressure, the medical technician went to get help. By then, the nurse said I didn’t respond to her. I woke up with two nurses standing over my hospital bed. One was using a pump (twice) to revive me. What startled me was that I don’t remember being out at all. I do remember vividly looking down at my own body – no pain or feeling. Describing this to my medical doctor friend months later, he said I could had been clinically dead at that moment. Crazy but something I didn’t talk about for a long time. Having good health is half the battle. If you have your health, you have everything.

Mask Mandates for Children

Are we living in a world that has gone crazy? President Biden not only mandates masks to be worn inside, he also mandates that masks be worn outside as well. Yet, school children are mandated in most states to wear masks at all times whether in the classroom or outside. It is virtually impossible to transfer the coronavirus outdoors. There is less than a 2% chance of transferring or catching the virus while outdoors. That comes from medical reports citing medical specialists and experts, not from my mouth.

Direct sunlight kills the virus. Staying in direct sunlight for at least 20 to 30 minutes provides up to 5000 iu (units) of Vitamin D3 which builds up the immune system. In addition, taking 1000 to 3000 mg of Vitamin C daily prevents the virus by producing healthy leukocytes (white blood cells). Vitamin C, known as L-ascorbic acid, produces interferons which are essential for the immune system’s defenses. It promotes healthy T-Cells which trigger killer immune cells that fight germs and cancer cells invading the body. Vitamin C also helps promote healthy B-Cells to produce antiviral antibodies.

If your children are showing signs of a cold or virus, start them on a vitamin regimen with high doses of enriched Vitamin C. Fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin C also. Some, as in citrus fruits, tomatoes, brocoli, potatoes and red peppers are higher in Vitamin C than others. If you are a parent or a grandparent of a school-age child or children, please contact your local representative within the community and voice your concerns. Young children hold a greater danger of inhaling germs wearing masks all day than not wearing masks all day.

Assisted Living

I’m in an assisted living facility temporarily as long as my right foot is healing. I have a very painful stress fracture due to overexertion in walking and exercise in physical therapy. I still plan to move on May 14th. I’m baffled by a phone conversation I had earlier today. Why do people treat someone with a physical disability, weakness, or condition as a person with a mental handicap too? I’m not just talking about family members; I’m talking about staff members too. People paid to assist others. They treat residents, cognitive or not, as dunces or brainless. Assisted living has a new meaning “assist yourself” or “do it your own damn self”. For example, I can’t get anyone to drive me to the bank or even to the pharmacy to fill a prescription for pain. It is a narcotic and has to be hand-delivered to the pharmacy, not faxed or sent electronically. I mentioned this to the doctor on Thursday and he said to use a Uber driver instead.

Remember, telling the handicapped person that he or she needs help is really saying, “You can’t do it.” This goes for asking the handicapped person if he or she needs help also. Please be mindful of this. Let the handicapped person ask for help first or need it.