Good News – All the Way Around


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I am going to Ohio State University Medical Facility for 1-2 days to be administered a new drug in the LEMS Study. A travel companion is being arranged by the pharmaceutical company. Also, the program director is contacting my Neurologist to get my medical records sent to Ohio. Afterwards, I will wait a month and travel to Miami. The clinical study takes up to two weeks. This is where I am with the clinical study. No dates are known at this time. As long as they are working on something, that gives me hope for the future. It has been a long medical journey.

On the lighter note, my newest book, Saga of the Ages, has been sent to the publishers last week. Covers have been approved. Just finished editing the final Galley proof. Hope to have that finalized this coming week. I sound like a broken record, but please check Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites within the next two weeks for publication.

We are expecting rain in Atlanta today. The temperature is right at 70 degrees, with an overcast. It is partly cloudy; however, thunderstorms are expected to hit later this afternoon. The sun is peeking in and out. Our yards were filled last week with fallen trees from the previous thunderstorm. The men cutting the trees hit a cable, knocking Internet out for three days. Gee, I actually survived three days without the television and phone line too.

Other than that, I hope everyone has a good weekend. Hug your spouse and children, as well as all of your loved ones. You never know how long one has on earth. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, grandfathers and potential fathers!




Newest Book in Production Stage


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My newest book, Saga of the Ages, was sent to the publishers on Wednesday. It has passed the initial content evaluation assessment and now gone to creation. I want to have the original copy for final review by one week from now. If it’s not too much trouble, please keep you fingers crossed. I will keep you updated on progress.




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I have two updates. The first update is on the LEMS study. I got an email the other day from the program director. It looks like I will be going to Athens, GA for the study soon. I don’t know the date yet. It might take up to a couple of months to set up. I’m excited and anxious at the same time. I had infusions again on Tuesday and yesterday. They get very tiring after six years. Hopefully, this new drug will replace monthly (every 4 weeks) infusions one day.

The second update is on the books. I will discount newest book, Lingering Shadows, to $15.00 for Softcover and $23.00 for Hardcover (doesn’t include shipping charges). This is a bargain as the book is 406 pages thick and weighs 1.5 lbs. It contains beautiful sketches, drawings and illustrations of homes at the time of the Civil War Era. Please email me at for ordering and payment information. You can also see my novels and poetry books at my new author website at

Life Has Its Ups and Downs


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Over the past few months, I have missed blogging. I’m trying to write weekly now, if not daily. I must admit I’ve been in a fog for over a week and an emotional roller-coaster. Truth is, I had a (pretty) bad medical report last week; one I wish I hadn’t heard. The doctor was sincere I feel. I asked him not to sugar-coat anything. Another specialist at Emory and another opinion. I get sick of opinions, but this one I have to agree with. The doctor feels my disease is worsening and is progressive. Any attempts at surgery wouldn’t work due to nature of the disease. I’m basically stuck, where I am, in a dilemma of medical science and seeking a medical cure or a reversal of this debilitating disease.

Problem is, there is none known in the medical field. I’m anticipating a contact for the LEMS study soon, but have yet to hear back from the program director. As a doctor told me once a few years ago, consider yourself disabled the rest of your life. I consider myself fortunate not to be bed-ridden or getting infusions weekly, although I get them monthly. It is a little discouraging at best, yet I’ve tried to stay positive. I sound like a broken record right now, but I am gradually losing hope for the future. It is a terrible place to be in. While I don’t want pity or sympathy, I do need an outlet; otherwise, I would sit in self-pity.

Writing has become an outlet, one I can self-medicate myself. It is a type of self-therapy. One of the primary reasons I first started writing four years ago, as well as closure to personal issues in my life. It was a channel to search for answers. It keeps my mind off my health problems and my chronic pain. Believe me, I would rather be enjoying a day at the mountains nearby or the park. I love natural scenery and places. The sun is out today and lovely, bright and sunny. One of the few days we have had this week without an overcast and dark clouds.

I am blessed to have family close by, one I can seek comfort in. They have been supportive all these years. My family keeps me going and yet, I seek another source. I feel it is all in God’s hands. Only He can open those doors, health-wise and through my books. I believe He wants a stronger relationship with me. That has been one of the purposes of my illness(es).

While I do not want sadness, I do want compassion and understanding. These are challenging times. I have never felt so much stress as now. At times, I want to ask, “Where are you God?” I do feel His presence and feel His strength. I have no other choice, but to rely on Him, and yet one day I feel He will heal me completely and I will be whole again.

In closure, have a wonderful Memorial weekend and holiday. Share time with your family and friends. Enjoy the fellowship and praise God for another day. Reflect on the good things in life: happiness, love and laughter. None of us know the time we have left on this earth.

New Author’s Website Established


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I have a new author’s website now. It is  Kudos to Kate at AuthorHouse Publishing for updating me today and helping me. For a list of books and ordering information, please go to website. I separated my first two books from my original author website under my pen name, Elizabeth A. Philips. They are still available at  I believe there will be less confusion now. My new book, Saga of the Ages, is in its final stages of reviewing. I will be submitting it to the publishers towards the end of next week.

Update On Study


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It has been a week since I first learned of the clinical study in LEMS disease. I am waiting and hoping to hear something soon. Although I don’t like the wait, this is teaching me to be more patient with myself and others. Patience is not actually my virtue. From what I understand by talking to the program director, I will be placed on amifampridine phosphate (Firdapse) before entering the study. There is more information that explains LEMS and the drug administration at

This gal learned something (not so new) today. Let’s just say it taught me a good life lesson. I’ve learned not to sign anything – contract and all – unless you read the dotted line (between the lines). Something I thought I was too smart to avoid, but it taught me not to assume anything beforehand.

Nonetheless, I am still looking for a marketer again to market my books online. There are many scams out there and “get-rich quick” schemes. Authors are scammed, not to say I was scammed. But I rely on my intuition to determine if I’m making the right decision. I’ve learned over the years to trust that “gut” feeling. I am getting tired of promises made and no results (or increase in book sales).

I’ve had several publishers call me in the last few months, each one with wonderful things to say. But that is just it, they are just statements to get one’s money. All I want to say is Authors Beware – research the publisher beforehand and look at what other authors have to say about the company or organization. Positive feedback is important.

There are good publishing and marketing companies. It takes time to find them, but there are reputable ones. Do your homework beforehand. Ask around – networking with friends and word of mouth is the best way. My uncle and friend recommended a publisher they had worked with in the past.

Other than that, I will shut up for now. I hope everyone has a good and blessed weekend. I will keep you updated on study. Hopefully, I will be a candidate for the LEMS study very soon. I’ve seen few studies on LEMS and the research shows less than 2% of the population are diagnosed. There could be more of those not diagnosed or not documented cases.

Thank You Janice!



First, I want to say a ‘very sorry’ to my sister Janice. She has been the one to take me to Emory Clinic every time and wheel me around the facility. Her unselfishness and her time is endless. I’m sorry for my words yesterday. I’ve been under enormous stress right now. I think everything is happening at once.

I also want to thank my sister Susan for her researching LEMS disease and finding a clinical study in the United States. It is one of few I’ve seen for primarily those diagnosed with LEMS disease. I’m waiting to hear back from the program director on options. With a lot of prayer, blood, sweat and tears, I feel it is of God, and I feel He will turn things around if only to improve quality of life.

On a more business note, I hired a new publicist this morning to advertise and market all my books online. That includes the newest one, Saga of the Ages, coming out in June. We shall see what becomes of it.


LEMS Study


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I’m excited to announce that after six years, with my sister’s help, I have found a study primarily for those diagnosed with LEMS (Lambert Eaton Mysathenic Syndrome). The study takes place in either Miami or LA. The program manager contacted me today. He was not surprised I developed this disease from cancer. He seemed quite knowledgeable about the disease. He is trying to contact my neurologist at Emory.

There is one other option in August, GA. My sister Susan and her husband could drive me there. Also, I did find a friend in Miami who will drive with me from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami. My niece said she would drive me to the Atlanta airport. My sister Janice said she would also. Of course, a lot of prayers will be needed. It also depends if my doctor determines I am a candidate for the study.

I knew there was something out there that might help improve my quality of life or help others with this debilitating disease. I only wish it hadn’t have taken six years to find it. It is a new drug introduced that the FDA is trying to approve in the United States. It has already been approved in the European market.

I will see what develops in the next few days. Not sure at this stage when the study will begin, but I feel it will be soon. The program manager advised I will need to be placed on the drug first before the Miami study. Please keep your fingers crossed and prayers for a positive outcome. I pray this is the answer I’ve been looking for. Hopefully, it can replace my infusions one day.

No offenses were intended for friends or family members. I’m sorry if anyone was insulted with previous comments. This is an exciting moment, yet scary and emotional at the same time. Praise God for His goodness. If it is His will, the doors will open.

Sometimes I Wish I Was a Rock



I do feel it is better to be an inanimate object sometimes. There seems to be no feelings, no pain, no disease and no worries. Of course there is no existence outside the physical range of things. There is no warmth or love of family and friends, no connections to reality and no thriving of life.

Yesterday, I saw another specialist at Emory in Atlanta. Apparently, my neuro-muscular disorder (LEMS) has worsened this year. My autoimmune issues are severe to very severe now. Surgery is out as the doctor said any surgery attempt would fail. My general mobility has weakened. I’m looking for a light wheelchair I can take easily in the car. The doctor was concerned about my driving. I will be driving a lot less now due to weakness in ankles. Maybe only very locally in emergency situations.

I don’t want any sympathy. I simply ask for prayer to make the right decisions. I feel it is important to spend the rest of my life enjoying time with family and friends while staying positive. I’ve always been a positive and upbeat person, but sometimes life can bring you down. Much thanks to my sister Janice who carries me to Atlanta and wheels me around Emory each time. She is a God-sent.

I don’t accept this disease and will continue on fighting it. I am a breast cancer survivor several years ago and I have lived six years since diagnosed with this disease. It is as if God is saying to me, “This too shall pass and you are okay.” I get tired of seeing doctors and specialists that don’t have the answers. I simply have come to the realization to let it be and be comforted in the fact that I have family surrounding me. Medical science can not change this condition nor cure it, but I still feel inside I can find a way to reverse it somehow and someway. I feel I will get better with time. Is that merely hopeful thinking?

I’ve finished writing my latest book, Saga of the Ages, but will not write another book until I get better control of my health issues. All I have to do now is make revisions/corrections/reviewing to the manuscript before submitting to the publisher. I ask for prayer in that direction too, in book sales and gaining notoriety as an author and writer.