A Blogger’s Day


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I promised myself that when I finished my newest book, I would start blogging again. It has been several months since I last did. Through circumstances, I finally finished the manuscript yesterday. It was more difficult this time as my mind was cluttered with worry. My mother has been in and out of the hospital with heart trouble this year. Her latest admission was on Sunday. She is having heart surgery on Thursday. The doctor said she might come home on Friday, if all goes well.

I realize our parents can not live forever, nor anybody else for that matter. It is discouraging at best to think my mother is reaching her final days. We put animals out of their misery, but we can’t physically put people to sleep and out of their pain. I acknowledge that we are not machines – we can not reverse the aging process. We simply do the best we can. I hope my mother’s health improves and she is here on earth for years to come, but that may be unrealistic. I have seen my mother improve some, only to be in a bed of pain the next day.

Truth is, I don’t know what the answer is. Maybe the surgery will strengthen her heart some, but I have to be cautious too. My mother is strong internally; she can take anything, I feel. But can I? That is the million-dollar question.


New Book Sent to Publishers


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the-newest-finish-paintingLingering Shadows has been sent to the publishers today. It should be sent to the printers soon. There have been many interruptions and delays on this book due to family emergencies, personal illness and mother’s illness and hospitalization.

An historical novel, written with the American family in mind. There is pride in the American society, both North and South. Love of family and country, patriotism and tragedy are entailed in the story. Historical events and dates are true. Characters are fictitious.

Everyone deals with circumstances and negativity in life. The characters are comforted in that they have the warmth and love of their families to get them through the more challenging times. The Civil War left the country in devastation and destruction. Read how the main character, Benjamin Green, finds his way from a humble and modest beginning to become a self-made millionaire overnight.

A sequel to Glimpses of the Past, this is a must-read for historians and history buffs. The artwork is stunning inside and out, symbolic of the homes that were built during the Civil War era. Artist is Dannie Michelle Wright for front cover design, painting and sketches.

Please look for it online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites in the following weeks. There is a variety of topics for readers to enjoy – American history, politics, economics, romance and war-related issues. I promise you won’t put the book down until you have finished the book.

Newest Book Coming Along


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Lingering Shadows is coming along. A sequel of my latest book, Glimpses of the Past, it entails a love story, love of family and country, family tragedy and war at the same time. An historical novel created during the Civil War era, written for historians and history buffs in mind.

The manuscript is finished, but working on revisions. Too many delays during February – mother’s illness and hospitalization, family emergencies and personal illness – but I’m on the mend and writing again.

Sorry to be amiss for awhile. I miss blogging and hearing from others. Sometimes life throws things your way that you have no control over. Anyway, hope to have the manuscript submitted within two to three weeks to the publishers. Be on the lookout for it online at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles by the end of the month.

New Book In The Making


Lingering Shadows is in the making! A sequel of Glimpses of the Past, it entails the story of a young American family after the Civil War. The front cover design (painting) and interior sketch designed by Dannie Michelle Wright. All Copyrights belong to writer and author, Dr. Anne R. Murray. Please do not reproduce, copy or reduplicate in any fashion.


Balance In So Many Ways


I have been working on detoxifying my mind and brain of toxic “negative” thoughts. The detox works for 21 days. Although I am working on only one toxic thought at a time, the toxic thoughts do link together.  For the first few days, I worked on pride, stubbornness and selfishness. Today, I worked on balance, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Balance of mind and soul does link with pride. I use the verse from Proverbs 3:21: Let not them depart from thine eye: keep sound wisdom and discretion.

My educational background stood in the way of knowledge from God. Rather, I sought my own knowledge through books and science. One thing I have learned through experience and time. A higher education does not always teach us the ways of God; it teaches us the ways of the world. I will work on more toxic thoughts in a future 21-day detox period.

Awe In Wonder


I have seen both good and bad things happen in my life. I have to stop and wonder where is God’s touch in all of this. I have been undergoing a 21-day detox not in my body, but in my mind and in my brain. The toxicity of negative events (divorce, bad relationships, childhood trauma) in my life clouded my brain. I could not get past the negativity. I believe most people do the best they can. Sometimes due to external pressures, our life does not always go as we wanted or intended. We present problems that just aren’t there and conflicts get in the way of our thinking. I hold steadfast to this belief and feel that at times, our ‘selves’ are our own worse enemy.

Today, while getting a routine evaluation in physical therapy, I found my legs getting to be a little stronger. Anyone familiar with autoimmune diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), knows it affects the muscles and surrounding tissue. I have Lambert-Eaton Myasthenia Syndrome (LEMS), which mimics MS in many ways. It is believed I developed it through breast cancer several years ago. If you have ever seen a person with MS walk, the muscles are severely debilitated and crippled. There is joint pain and extreme weakness. The same goes for walking up stairs and sitting for prolonged periods of time. Being afflicted with this condition for more than six years, I find myself becoming weaker in time, especially in the ankles and feet. Today was a celebration when I realized my legs were a little stronger – an ultimate revelation.

The same regards to my published books and writing. I have tried over a year to get into the artists’ walk around the square in town. Last week, I got an invitation to apply to participate in this year’s coming event. It may not be an universal acknowledgment, but it is baby steps. I was at least acknowledged. To me, it is a giant step towards being noted as a local artist. My artwork is finally being recognized by others. I have found in this world that it takes more than pure talent, more than ambition or determination; it takes people that notice your efforts. In the past, I always thought that famous people and writers made it on fate or destiny. I think they made it because they were fortunate enough that people noticed their work. I stand strong to this belief and feel my day is finally coming. God is good and working in this area of my life.

More importantly, I feel God is working through several avenues in my life. He is not only healing me physically gradually, he is working through other channels. I feel that God is working through changing those ‘negative’ feelings I’ve had for so long. It is about detoxing that negativity in one’s thoughts. Medical science doesn’t believe this disease can be reversed or cured, just as there is no cure or reversal for cancer. But I am also standing strong against such ideologies – I am believing in faith and in hope. When physicians and specialists tell you they have done so much, then there is no stronger word to stand on then the Word of God. He is all powerful and merciful. I have seen just the beginning of His power as I continue down this 21-day journey. Their will be more to come

Released Again!


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My newly released book, Glimpses of the Past; Heritage of the Old South, is available back online. I had to have it resubmitted due to a printing error. I am presently working on its sequel, Lingering Shadows. A story surrounding the devastation, tragedy and brutality of the Civil War, few historical novels have been written with such passion, love of family and country. You will not only cry a little, you will laugh with the author’s sense of humor and humanistic point of view.

Please place your order online today at http://www.authorhouse.com, http://www.elizabethaphilips.com, Amazon or Barnes & Nobles websites. In addition, you can click the icon in the left widget and it will take you to the website.

New Book Released – Just In Time for Christmas


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I am excited to announce that Glimpses of the Past; Heritage of the Old South has been released by the publishers today. It is already available online at Amazon in soft cover. Please check back on Barnes & Noble during the week. It will be available in soft cover, hard cover and e-Book (Kindle). Pricing varies according to website and free shipping with limited amount; 274 pages, an historical novel on events and dates of the American Civil War. Synopsis and description of the book:

Glimpses of the Past; Heritage of the Old South is an historical novel about the Old South during the Civil War. Few historical novels have presented the Old South in such a heartfelt manner with brutalities of the war.

The author brings tragedy, devastation and conflict to life in the characters. Families struggled to survive then. The war was significant to both the North and the South. The thresholds of the war are felt strongly even today.

The significant part of the main character was that he overcame the past to move forward in his life. Reminiscences of the past were less painful to him as he began to understand his purpose in life.

Read how a determined young man survived the Civil War days. Explore the depths of how determination and stamina helped him. Discover his secret of life’s accomplishments. Learn how he escaped the darkness within to grow beyond glimpses of the past.

New Book Going to the Printers Soon


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Glimpses of the Past; Heritage of the Old South will be going to the printers sometime this week. It is down to the content evaluation. If it passes and approved, it will be sent to the printers. Few historical novels of the Civil War era have been written before with a heartfelt manner. Tragedies, love of family and patriotic duty are woven into the book. A must-read for historians and history bluffs. I will update when book goes to next stage, pricing and designs.

New Book to Be Published


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Glimpses of the Past; Heritage to the Old South is a new historical novel, written with true events and dates. The characters are fictitious. An American family travel from Northern Virginia to New Orleans, Louisiana. Centered around the era of Civil War days with few books before it giving detail and sequence to a devastating time to this nation. It is a book to read if you love history or a history buff. Sketches are by artist Dannie Michelle Wright. Below is an original sketch for front cover design. Book should be released by Christmas or shortly afterwards.antebellum