I know I sound like a broken record, but faith brought me through a lot of challenges over the years. It gave me strength, a purpose, and a new meaning to life itself.

When first diagnosed with LEMS, I was told there was no cure and life-threatening, I set out to prove I would not be debilitated for life. When the oncologist said I might be bedridden from LEMS, I was determined to stay strong. When she also said I might have weekly infusions, I proved her wrong. When the neurologist said I would probably stay on infusions the rest of my life, I stayed focused on being healthy. When both doctors told me the infusions kept me alive, I made up my mind to get better. When doctors told me I might not walk again due to the inversion of both feet, I walked a week after getting out of a cast post-surgically. When the majority of them said surgery would not work, I proved them all wrong. When current blood tests showed that my white (wbc) and red (rbc) blood counts had improved, and my blood platelets were normal too, I was practically cured of LEMS. When I was told I might not live past ten years with LEMS, I have lived eleven years already.

You tell me – was this a miraculous act of medicine or was it Godsend? Faith kept me going and the belief someday that I would walk again, that my feet would be straighter. In addition, I met a man this past year that helped to increase my wbc from a very high vitamins regimen. A brilliant Jewish medical doctor. He was a medical podiatrist, immunologist, and wound healer. When I last spoke to my neurologist last month, he was amazed that my wbc had tripled this year. So much so that I am now off infusions entirely. I get my port out in two weeks.

Life brought me a bowl of rotten eggs, but I overcame the circumstances, and moved forward with life. Please don’t ever judge me. I don’t feel like a victim; rather, I’m affected by a medical disability with LEMS disease. One needs to walk in my shoes for a day, a week, or even a month to understand my physical condition. I live with daily pain; joint pain and inflammation, however, I stay active in weekly activities. Prayer, strength, guidance, and a belief that all things are possible with Jesus Christ are the answers. Remain focused, stay positive, and “never give up,” as my mother used to say.