This is the second day of my blog to the community. I call the website The Writers’ Guide because I’m a relatively new writer. I have published three books within two years. My first two books were non-fictional, under my pen name, Elizabeth A. Philips. My first published book, As The Scarlet Tanager Sings, came out in the summer of 2013. My second published book, As The Sweet Honey Runs, came out in the fall of 2013. I learned a valuable lesson working on two books at one time. To get both books out within a few months of each other is not only time-consuming, it’s exhausting.  Please go to http://www.elizabethaphilips.com for more information.

As a brand new writer, I had no idea the consumption and effort it took to publish a finished book. I took more time with my third book, The Jagged Edge, this fall of 2014. I feel more confident with reviewing the manuscript than submitting it to the publisher right away. Although my publisher did an excellent job of producing and printing a finished product, I felt the first two were written way too rapidly. In other words, I spent four months on this manuscript, going back rewriting chapters. I took an extra month for other writers to read it, giving advice and suggestions. One author said he only found one place that needed rewriting.  Given that this is my first written novel, I feel that is good. I’m still new to writing and learning something new everyday. If anyone has comments, you are welcome to do so.