Happy New Year to everyone. I wish everyone a blessed New Year in 2015 with much hope, happiness and peace. May this be the start of a great year physically, spiritually and financially. I pray for restoration of health, healing and wellness. My third published book is in production right now. It is my first fictional novel. The Jagged Edge defines tragedy, hopelessness and despair in a single story. Angela (main character) struggles to find strength and courage through her own faith in God, the Father and Christ. She endures tragic events and circumstances in her childhood and young teen years. The book will be available online in Softcover, Hardcover and e-book through Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Amazon.com. I will keep you updated on final printing dates. A must-read book for anyone who has experienced loss at an early age or any age for that matter. It will warm your heart and soul. Written and created to grasp the audience’s attention, it gives detailed plot and descriptive characterization.