I went to my niece’s baby shower today. She is expecting a baby girl in a couple of months. I am happy for her and think it’s awesome. The announcement of this child inspired my new book. Although a fiction, it still is based on the creation of a child. That is, the main character started to have a series of dreams during her pregnancy. Without giving away the plot, these dreams were a message from God. I can’t think of a more beautiful way to start the new year, the birth of a child. I believe inspiration comes from different sources. My first book was inspired by a redbird my sister saw one day in her backyard. She emailed me a picture of the bird. It was a beautifully red-coated bird with black wings. It is called a Scarlet Tanager. It led me to write about my life the past few years (medical health), using the redbird as a symbol of comfort from God. I am a breast cancer survivor, as well as being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (neuromuscular) and a cervical disease. My second book was inspired through various sources – the deep waters, the cloudy skies, the rocky cliffs, yet there was a rainbow of colors streaming downward from the heavens. Maybe as a magical gift above, leading the brilliant colors from the sky to the shore below. Another nonfictional book about my life, my medical diagnosis and illnesses. The two books set closure for me I believe. That was important for me as much as publishing the books. Personally, I feel it helped me grow within and spiritually connect to God.