November 8th is almost here. In two weeks, the fate of America will be in the hands of voters. I dare say that the two most unlikely people are presidential candidates. Trump said in one of his speeches that the U.S. has been “Governed by stupidity.” Well, I agree in his ideology that the nation’s government has been led by stupid ideas of people in power. His aggressive and bullying tactics are a turn-off to many American people in my opinion. Yet, I believe his ability to lead people can be a benefit to his political campaign.

Ideologically, they both give good points in public policy. But I am still left at this stage of the election in which candidate I believe in more. Who stands for Americans more and who will do something great for this country? I personally think that women deserve a chance in power; however, I’m not totally convinced of Secretary Clinton’s truthfulness in her future plans for this country. Hillary makes statements that she intends to improve on international relations and immigration policies. Donald keeps bringing up the question, “What has she done to improve our nation in her 30 years of political experience?”

One can only ascertain that the mud-slinging and name-calling of either party causes a bitter friction between the candidates. The last presidential debate did absolutely nothing to persuade my choice either way. I think in all fairness that Hillary was the better debater that night. Donald tripped up on his own words and looked aggravated with the discussion. He appeared upset at the end and did not stop to shake hands with the audience. I believe that is where Hillary’s experience comes into play. She was a ‘natural’ in the political forum.

I go back to my original statement written a few months ago. It is time to vote your conscience. Whom do you as the voter want to see in the White House for the next 4 years; possibly for the next 8 years? Neither would be the correct political response, however, I have resigned that either Donald or Hillary will be our next president. More importantly, it is time for us as a nation to get out and decide our direction for this country. I happen to think we are a great country still. I would like to see America become a greater nation – united in peace with other nations and no threats of war.