Uncertain Times – COVID-19


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These are certainly trying times for everyone. There are over 6K reported cases of the coronavirus COVID-19 now in the United States, 60 being very serious. How does a virus spread so fast? Many schools are closed for at least two weeks, businesses are shut down until further notice, even local hospitals are on lockdown with no visitations whatsoever. Today, more government offices closed. It seems that the town has literally shut down.

President Trump’s nonchalant attitude at the beginning of last week indicating that this virus will “go away by itself” is evidently incorrect. It shows either carelessness on his part or he didn’t dig deeper into the source of this virus. The virus originally came from Wuhan, Republic of China (Hubei Province), the largest and most populous city in Central China. There are 11 million people that live there. It affects mostly highly-populated areas and spreads rapidly with human contact (large crowds, social events, and gatherings).

Over the past two months, it has reached the U.S. Washington was the first state to report the virus. About 60 people at Kirkland Senior Living were affected by the coronavirus COVID-19 (both patients and staff members). It was then when Americans got their first alert of the rampant epidemic. Although media covered the spreading of the virus, it is more rampant than originally thought.

A question still remains why Chinese officials didn’t notify American officials sooner of the outbreak of the virus. Was it a deliberate act or a coverup? It shows irresponsibility on China’s part and their unwillingness to help in the prevention of the spreading of the virus. There had to be some conscious decision-making; a virus simply doesn’t treat itself or dissolve. Yes, I am mad and damn mad! Surely, China’s medical professionals are smart enough to know a pandemic outbreak. Americans are exposed to the coronavirus COVID-19 which should have been prevented in the first place.

I’m really appalled and shocked that so many states are affected by this virus. It’s an international epidemic now, not just domestic. PLEASE COMMENT TO THIS POST. DOES ANYBODY ELSE FEEL THE WEIGHT OF THIS VIRUS OR DO YOU THINK IT WILL BLOW OVER EVENTUALLY? I would love to hear opinions and feedback from others. I’m getting cabin fever staying inside. May you and your families stay healthy and safe.


Time Is Passing By


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Here I sit and wait on one correction to be made on the back flap of cover for my republished book, Saga of the Ages. It has taken nearly a week to get something done. At least my original publisher was faster, although the books were more expensive online. Golden rule: You get what you pay for. I wanted to reproduce a book that was less expensive and more affordable to readers.  I wonder if I invested wisely into republication. There is no way to know until I get results. Are there any other writers or authors out there that have experienced the same thing? Am I just too impatient? It has only been a few weeks if that.

Good Things Are Happening


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It’s mighty cold in Atlanta right now. Consistent light showers and misty weather have promoted bitter cold temperatures at night. Hopefully, it won’t snow yet. Well, snow is all right, but no ice.

I’m tooting my own horn, but good things are happening. I’m turning the corner and starting to feel much better within the past two weeks. The physical therapist thinks I am well enough to go to out-patient physical therapy. She assessed me today and dismissed me from home physical therapy.

I saw my neurologist last Wednesday. He is pleased with my progress and how far I’ve come since surgery. I know he’s concerned about the autoimmune part and if surgery will be just as good for the other foot. Christ is good and will see me through the next surgery just as well as my last one. I believe surgery on my right foot will be as well or even better than surgery on my left foot. He wants me to trust Him and is showing me that all things are possible with Him.

In addition, I see my orthopedic surgeon on Monday. I’m to be fitted with a new ankle brace to stabilize my foot. It will help with mobility too. I hope to find out when I can schedule the next surgery on my other foot. Hopefully, by this springtime.

Besides just releasing another published book, Master of Disguise, I’m having a trailer (video) made for Saga of the Ages.  I’m also having it republished in the U.K. These were two of my main goals in writing: to have one of my books made into a script or film one day and to become an international writer. My dreams are becoming realities now. I only have to believe Christ and what He tells me. And believe I will….

Master of Disguise Is Released

My newest edition, Master of Disguise, is out online. Please go to Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites. Please click on:



Happy New Year!

May 2020 be an even better year than in 2019. I’ve already made some Near Year’s resolutions. Let’s just say they have to do with better (improved) health, healing and getting stronger, preparing for surgery on my other foot, companionship, and hopefully marriage.

Here’s wishing you a great New Year with lots of happiness, love, and joy to all!

A Long Journey

Sorry to be amiss for a while. I have been on a long journey in the past several months. Recovering from surgery and extensive physical rehabilitation for four weeks, I can say I’m alive. Last summer, I had surgery to correct my left foot and ankle. I’ll be having surgery next year to correct my right foot and ankle. I was in personal care for a few months, coming home on Thanksgiving Day. It feels so good to be home.

I knew from the beginning that surgery would be a high risk. It was a difficult decision whether to have surgery or not. The autoimmune condition turned both of my feet in severely over the past nine years. The thought of walking better and improved mobility never left me. In addition, I wanted to walk without pain and release pressure from walking on the side of my foot.

The foot is straight now and healing. I’m having physical therapy at home twice weekly. The stretching exercises and ice on the foot help with swelling and pain. It took several years to find relief, but I can say it’s worth it. I first thought that maybe the surgery was a mistake. It was rough and physically challenging. I underestimated the healing process.

I was in a leg cast below the knee a little over four months. I had five surgical pins in my foot and ankle for ten weeks. The doctor says I’m a very slow healer, but I thank God that my leg did heal. It was scary for a few weeks that my ankle surgical wound would close up. But it did and I am blessed!

I’ve also been away from writing, but have just submitted materials for my latest book, Master of Disguise, to be published. Due to the holidays, it may take a few weeks for publication. Master of Disguise is a historical novel, the sequel to my previous two books, Saga of the Ages and Trail of Betrayal. Front cover design – the artist is Dannie Michelle Wright. She is very talented and does beautiful artwork.

Image 1 - Front Cover Design

Happy 4th of July!


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This is the Day of Independence, the day our founding fathers sought our freedom and liberty for all. Our nation celebrates its 243rd birthday. A birthday that didn’t come easy for American colonists at the time. Our ancestors fought for what they believed in, what they felt was their rights as an American.

Much of what our ancestors believed in was based on a principle. The colonies felt Great Britain had too much control in taxation levies against them to provide help in paying for military defense. The colonies retaliated and won their independence on July 4, 1776.

Life was difficult then. Facing challenges of the war itself, civilians were shattered by the shortage of military supplies and equipment, a decrease in food production and blockages of seaports. Both Americans and British lost their lives while fighting and due to disease.

The American Revolutionary War lasted a total of eight years, 1775 – 1783. Let us celebrate this day in remembrance of our forefathers. We are blessed to be born in a country that fought so long for its freedom. More so, we are blessed to be Americans.

America, Happy Birthday! May freedom ring always!

was based on a principle. The colonies felt Great Britain had too much control in taxation levies against them to provide help in paying for military defense. The colonists 

was based on a principle. The colonies felt Great Britain had too much control in taxation levies against them to provide help in paying for military defense. The colonists on their independence on July 4, 1776. 

Life Can Be Beautiful



Life is difficult sometimes. It can even be ugly at times. These last few weeks have been tumultuous, trying to get my van fixed to pass emissions and to get ready for surgery in two weeks. In addition, I want to finish corrections and revisions on my newest book before publication. Trying to get all the loose ends tied together before the 18th of this month. There are other things to consider, but I really don’t want to deal with them right now.

Today, I’m stressed and my anxiety is high, yet, I want this surgery. Maybe the realization that the doctor didn’t want to do it at first. He said it was too risky, but the major predicament of being in pain led me to decide on surgery. It hurts to walk on my left foot because of the severe turning inward now. Same thing on my right foot, but doesn’t hurt nearly as bad to walk on it. Hopefully, I aim to have surgery on the other foot in three to four months.

A few years ago, I was “spiritually” weak and had no inner strength. I realize that I can’t make it without help. I have often wondered about the purpose of my life and why I encountered the challenges I have over the years. Maybe my journey has been all about getting closer to God and forming a stronger relationship with Him. That is why prayer helps in daily devotion to God. It is significant and more importantly, it helps one to grow spiritually.

I find that life can be beautiful, not constrained as we often make it. When we do pass, I believe our souls unite “in spirit” with our Heavenly Father, our maker. If it is my time, I trust that God will take me from this earth. It is interesting that I have a peace within. I take each day on a daily basis and don’t take anything for granted, especially my life.

There seems to be an overly sensitivity to daily living, where it becomes a task and not living. I believe it is those people that need to stop and enjoy their surroundings. Some people seek problems where there are none. What is wrong in just being happy? Live day by day, as if your last day on earth. Enjoy the time with family, loved ones and friends.

My philosophy of life is listen to oneself; the external self is a mirror to the soul. Stay attuned to your needs and enjoy what you have. These seem to be important aspects to fulfillment in life. Live to the fullest and stay positive. Keep prayer as part of your daily routine. No matter what one says, always strive to be happy. Remember, you can’t make someone else happy. He or she has to make himself/herself happy.

Surgery Date Finally Set


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My surgery date has finally been scheduled – July 18th. I was getting a little discouraged, thinking the doctor’s office would never call. It only took four months (being sarcastic), but as long as it’s scheduled, that is fine. I will be having a lesser surgery. No ankle surgery, but splicing the tendon to release tension in the foot. I hope it helps to alleviate the pain I’ve been having in my left foot and left knee. I will be hospitalized and then going into rehab afterward. I will be having a pre-surgery consultation at the surgeon’s office and the hospital on July 1st. I have awaited this surgery for a long time. Please remember me in your prayers.