I cry for you America,

Seeing people assemble,

I am filled with emotion,

My eyes began to tear,

As friends and loved ones gather,

To play tribute to lives lost,

Twenty years ago.

As names were read,

With tear-stained eyes,

Of those who bravely died in the Twin

Towers, the planes and the Pentagon.

I cry for you America,

For others who hate you,

For those who want to destroy

you, and any resemblance of the

American way of life.

For standing your ground,

For securing your beauty,

In what you value most,

Your beliefs, your strength,

Your courage, and your honor.

I cry for you America,

For defending your country,

For your heroes,

Who fought courageously,

And fearlessly.

In celebrating peace, liberty,

And freedom for all.

You will never be forgotten,

As another generation is born,

And for generations to come,

For time is endless,

Whenever tragedy strikes,

As that terrible day on 9/11.