It has come to my attention watching the world news that President Biden doesn’t plan to do a damn thing to help free Americans and Afghan allies from the Taliban in Afghanistan. Yet, some people (no names) still believe that the Biden Administration is on path and in line with the evacuation. Democrat or Republican, one must face the facts. Biden doesn’t have America at its best of heart. I would rather be hopeful and say Biden will send in troops to get them out alive, but my heart says they might all die before they leave the Kabul Airport. Are they getting food while being held on board the aircraft? Are they getting medical attention? Probably not, as it’s the Taliban’s way of fighting any resistance to the American way of life. The evacuees are being held for ransom in hopes that the U.S. will give into the Taliban’s demands. I am damn mad and you should be too. Are you tired of Biden’s “b.s.”? Frankly, I’m tired of Biden, Kamala, and Pelosi running the show.