I’m so sick of listening to the world news about Afghanistan, President Biden’s weak government, Americans stranded, Afghan allies left behind, and the trouble with the Taliban. Then you change the channel on television to tune in on the effects of Hurricane Ida, striking LA and MS, as a Category 4. The deadly storm killed nearly 50 people in the Northeast with extreme flooding, and destruction. No question that parts of NY and NJ were hit badly by the storm. Most of the deceased lived in basement apartments. The tragedy is there will not be another hurricane to that devastation in our lifetime.

This Labor Day weekend, I am resting and relaxing after two days of hospitalization. I am labeled medically “very fragile” by my doctor, but feel better and stronger today. More importantly, I’m learning to project imagery among my daily practice, A year ago, I had trouble walking with a right club foot. The year before that, I had two club feet. Two years later, both of my feet are straight, but now I had surgery recently to straighten my toes on the left foot.

I wasn’t born with club feet although my orthopedic surgeon as an adult now says I probably (most likely) was. I had muscular weakness in both my feet at birth, greater on one (right) foot than the other. No diagnosis was really made at the time. As a child, a diagnosis of extremely mild cerebral palsy (the most common type) was brought in, but dismissed. My childhood orthopedic surgeon told my mother I never had any one symptom of a set disease. Again, as an adult, the diagnosis was made by my neurologist, but dismissed. Overtime with the Lambert-Eaton Myasthenia Syndrome (LEMS) disease, my feet went inward.

I see myself walking better and stronger every day. I am able to walk on my foot, mainly my heel, even though I was not to put weight on it for 4 weeks due to surgery. The truth to light is that I overcame my physical difficulties. I am the miracle and lucky to be alive. My neurologist emailed me today. My white blood cells count went from 4.6 on November 30 of last year to 5.1 on April 19 of this year to recently 7.1 on August 31. What significance does the increase of white blood cells mean? That means that I am practically cured of autoimmune disease and my immune system is building up antibodies on its own.

Have a great Labor Day holiday. Rest, relax and enjoy the time with your loved ones and friends. May God’s many blessings be upon you.