Please note that all of my viewpoints are of personal opinion only. It is not my intention to persuade or dissuade certain political issues on either side, Republican or Democratic. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It is within my rights to express my own thoughts, feelings and reactions on both national and international affairs. If you disagree or dislike my comments on the Biden Administration, you are not obligated to comment on my posts on my personal blog. But thanks for reading my posts and following my blog.

That said, no matter which political party you follow, one has to admit that President Biden screwed up the Afghanistan evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies. Are you f…… kidding me? It’s vey stupid; beyond stupid. It doesn’t make any sense. All Biden had to do, according to former President Trump, was to wait three months to evacuate Americans and allies. But through Biden’s arrogance and “We must get out of Afghanistan quickly” attitude, it led many to be stranded and unable to get to the Kabul Airport. Biden would have had better results in November I feel, when the Taliban goes to Pakistan during the winter.

I feel that Thursday’s events have caused another Holocaust among the Afghans. Are we entering another genocide among nations? I’m pissed off and damn mad, watching parents sob after losing their son or daughter as one of the 13 fallen Marines last Thursday, the worst day for Biden and the U.S. A mother cursed Biden because her son was at the Kabul Airport to get a picture for the 9/11 group photo. “My son died for nothing!” she cried. The Taliban has proven that they can’t be trusted. I thought one saving grace for Biden would be no more terrorist attacks at the airport and getting all Americans and allies out by the deadline of August 31 (today), but that too has been defeated by the Taliban.

Three questions I have for Biden – “Why were you so quick to evacuate U.S. troops in Afghanistan without a highly organized, more effective and safer plan for evacuees?” “Why not extend the deadline for evacuation?” “Why are you so afraid to send military reinforcement to Kabul to kill those Taliban s.o.b.s?” According to Biden at a recent press conference, he stated, “I am instructed to”. Instructed to? By whom? He also stated he would take no more questions after a press conference this weekend.

Sadly, I feel for the American people and their allies. Blood is on Biden’s hands for the fallen victims, as I predicted last week. I predict we might be in another world war by next year. We might not have a country in several years. Wake up people, this is our home, our land and our nation. This is the land of opportunity and freedom for all. Call your representatives, senators, congressman/woman and governor for support. My feeling is that Biden is a smuck and will always be a smuck.