We are living in challenging times. World events contribute a large part, but we see our nation falling apart under our own eyes. The events of the last few days with Afghanistan’s terror show that America is slipping into a state of uncontrol, non-response and lack of power. We are becoming no longer the greatest nation in the world. How could things go so wrong and happen so quickly? My greatest concern is that this will start a series of events around the world which will eventually result in another world war.

History tends to repeat itself. My good friend is the grandson of Jewish immigrants from Poland and Czechoslovak. He spent his childhood hearing stories of the Holocaust’s effects on Nazi Germany. He would had been reared under German law if his grandparents hadn’t fled Adolf Hitler’s domain. The Jewish people were at the hands of a manioc who not only wanted to destroy them but invaded Poland (Sept 1 – Oct 6, 1939) which started the beginning of World War II. Britain and France declared war on Germany. Hitler invaded the Soviet Union (June 22, 1941), occupying most of Europe and North Africa.

Forget the COVID-19, the coronavirus that surfaced in Wuhan, China in 2019. Forget the increase with a dominant strain of the Delta Variant, discovered in India. We now have to worry about refugees entering our country and immigrants crossing our border. Are we safe as Americans and what is to happen to the next generation?