I’m in an assisted living facility temporarily as long as my right foot is healing. I have a very painful stress fracture due to overexertion in walking and exercise in physical therapy. I still plan to move on May 14th. I’m baffled by a phone conversation I had earlier today. Why do people treat someone with a physical disability, weakness, or condition as a person with a mental handicap too? I’m not just talking about family members; I’m talking about staff members too. People paid to assist others. They treat residents, cognitive or not, as dunces or brainless. Assisted living has a new meaning “assist yourself” or “do it your own damn self”. For example, I can’t get anyone to drive me to the bank or even to the pharmacy to fill a prescription for pain. It is a narcotic and has to be hand-delivered to the pharmacy, not faxed or sent electronically. I mentioned this to the doctor on Thursday and he said to use a Uber driver instead.

Remember, telling the handicapped person that he or she needs help is really saying, “You can’t do it.” This goes for asking the handicapped person if he or she needs help also. Please be mindful of this. Let the handicapped person ask for help first or need it.