President Biden continued former President Trump’s policies? Would gas prices continue to increase? Would unemployment continue to rise? Would taxes be increased? Would we have an increasing influx of immigrants at the border? More importantly, would our national security be in jeopardy by the cartels and coyotes bringing illegal aliens to the border?

What if… the Democrat (not Democratic) Party had not cheated in the voting policies in the November 2020 election? Unverifiable signatures, harvesting (a member of the Democrat Party helps a voter and takes ballot for the voter to the polls), Democrats that tells the voter how to vote after offering drink and food to the voter, and dead individuals. They assume the African American race is stupid because they don’t know how to get I.D. The Hispanic race is a close second.

Remember on election day, the next morning at 3:00 a.m., President Trump was leading in votes, yet by 6:00 a.m., Biden was ahead by millions of votes. How could that be? It is an impossibility. In addition, a truck was seen throwing completed ballots into a trash bin. Something reported by truckers, but not public knowledge.

Thanks to President Biden and Stacey Abrams, the MLB has been moved from Atlanta due to Georgia voting laws. Georgia will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. President Biden and Stacey Abrams feel that African Americans are suppressed in voting rights. That White Supremacy (doesn’t exist) affects minorities from voting. This move will not only destroy Atlanta, but the State of Georgia. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. This move will affect me.

What if… all illegal aliens are entitled to vote in the 2024 Presidential election, even underaged children in four years? The Hispanic population will increase significantly in the nation, giving all rights to immigrants, taking American jobs, and obtaining Welfare. What will happen to Americans relying on Welfare? Will government funds be depleted for all Americans?

Too many what ifs…did America make a mistake voting for a man that has proven to be weak, ineffective, and not acknowledge the serious crisis growing everyday at the border? Not a good scenario for the overall picture that our nation is in trouble. America is no longer the greatest nation of the world. It is now considered equal to other nations.

All feedback and responses are welcomed. Ray, I expect a rebuttal to this. These are only personal opinions. There is freedom of speech, however, this is my personal blog to write as I wish.