Let’s make lemonade out of lemons. Fox News showed a program last night concerning illegal aliens crossing the border. Judge Jeannie showed how our neighbors south of the border are coming through the wall started by the President Trump’s Administration. President Biden invited Mexicans into the country and welcomed them. Now he is beginning to eat his words. Young people and children are coming out in grooves. The cartels are consuming leeway into the country by way of coyotes bringing them to the wall. More of a concern is that some if not many are crossing the border with the coronavirus. Yet, there is a solution. Draw blood of these young people affected with the virus. Their blood can be used to administer antibodies to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Particularly their white blood cells in their B and T Lymphatic cells, which produce antibodies (B cells) and memory (T cells) killer cells. The Mexicans are young, vibrant people with strong immune systems. Their bodies can resist the virus internally and destroy the virus in the body. Once the individual has the virus, he or she is immune from further exposure. It is a win-win situation and made into a positive solution for both Americans and Mexicans.

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