Recent studies have conclusively shown that coronavirus cases are steadily decreasing among the nation. Within two weeks, the number of people affected by the virus and surges are declining all over America. With the vaccinations, more people are immune to the coronavirus. This includes the elderly and disabled; those in assisted living and nursing homes. Young people have stronger immune systems that can fight off the virus. Their antibodies are more substantially effective against foreign bodies and mutated cells seen in viruses and diseases. Other supplements needed for healing:

Vitamin B-12 is an important element and critical in wound healing. If taking injections, 1000 mcg weekly is plentiful. They regularly come in 20 or 25-gauge needles. Please ask the nurse or physician to use a 30-gauge needle. Shorter needles are painful and makes you sore a day or two. The medicine goes into the muscle, such as the thigh or posterior area. B-12 droplets can be used instead of injections. A dropper full is the equivalent of 1500 mcg. I take a fifth daily, about 300 mcg, under the tongue. I took injections for four weeks (500 mcg twice weekly) and changed to B-12 Methylcobalamin droplets last month. It took me about one week to recognize that I felt better, less fatigued, having more energy, and less lethargic.

Chromium Picolinate – 200 mcg minimum daily. Can take 2X daily at first, and then drop to once daily, as tolerated.

Citracal – Calcium – Once daily. Contains Magnesium and Zinc.

Magnesium – 320 mg minimum daily. Can find this through dairy products, nuts, chocolate, coffee, meats, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, legumes, and water with a high mineral content.

Zinc – 75 mg daily used for skin healing.

Omega-3 – Fish Oil is a great source to boost the immune system. Once daily. I take it for my LEMS disease. It also can fight inflammation. Taking at least 2 tablets of 81 mg aspirin can help with inflammation also.

Multi-Vitamins – Once daily. I take “Alive” for Women.

There are many supplements that can be combined with dietary requirements. Foods that are highest in Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A are red pepper, fruits (such as oranges), vegetables (such as carrots), and whole grains. Remember the red, orange, and yellow foods. As discussed in yesterday’s posting, Vitamin C is extremely important for healing, especially wound healing, not only Vitamin E for skin healing. Both vitamins are essential for overall healing for bodily functions. Start with an increased amount of vitamins, and regulate your dosages within the first couple of months. Your maximum dosages may differ from mine, as tolerated. Your body will tell you when you are taking too much. It is better to start at a higher dosage, and reduce overtime.

If you need assistance, you can reach out to me. Good luck and see yourself feeling better.