President Abraham Lincoln refused to bow down to peace between the states. While he declared war between the states, the differences between the North and the South were mere ideologies of what slavery was about during that era. History repeated itself with images going back to biblical times. Jews were enslaved by Egyptian pharaohs for 400 years. How do we compare their enslavement with African slaves over 200 years? Yet, Lincoln should had devised a plan of action to abolish slavery which allowed freedom of slaves and to promote prosperity among wealthy Southerners. One just action is a 5-year strategic plan, which would replace the Civil War and includes: to eliminate the “cracking of the whip”; stop separation of families, steve op abuse of slaves and women, and child labor, thus allowing slaves to become indentured servants. These individuals would choose either to leave or to stay and work with wages. Each family would receive up to an acre of land and plant whatever crops they want.

This would had made a much better plan than thousands of soldiers killed. Lincoln was praised as one of our greatest presidents, yet, he could have prevented the war and needless bloodshed.