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On Thursday night, millions across the nation were watching as President Trump made his acceptance speech for nomination for reelection. Eyes were glued to the ‘tube or tellie’ as the president and his wife walked down the steps of the White House. I felt the effect of the RNC ending on the front lawn of the White House was effective. Ears were alert and listening earnestly, as to not miss a single word of the speech.

The president started his speech by thanking his supportive wife and family. A nice touch, but as Trump spoke, I couldn’t help but believe it was a repeat of 2016’s acceptance speech. It was sort of dry to me. The only thing I related to was the needs of the critically ill and health protection for pre-existing medical conditions. He did talk about his opponent, of course, former Vice-President Biden.

I expressed my opinion on my own FB page the next day. I expected a reaction, but not a war. One crazy woman (I will call her) responded with “hateful and heartless”  feedback about Trump. She sounded very angry in general. First, he was a demon – oh my God! He took children away from their parents’ arms and he lied 20,000 times. I’m impressed that she even counted at all. Chuckle. By her responses, she actually showed her ignorance.

My own sister responded back that she was adamant about voting for the person God intended for our country. This same crazy woman started to backlash my sister. She said Trump was Godless and that my sister was out of her mind. In my sister’s defense, I expressed that my sister had the right to express her own free opinion. Yet, the crazy woman kept commenting and with it, promoting more offensive and hurtful feedback against me and anybody else defending my opinion.

More damaging was a man’s response to my sister that ‘dumb women’ voted for President Trump. Whoa – you’ve hit below the belt! I am a well-educated, intelligent, talented, and articulate woman. I am not a liberalist nor advocating for a women’s rights movement, but I do believe in what is right.

My sister’s feelings were hurt. I could tell. She refuses to comment on my FB page anymore, especially about political matters. I have learned a big lesson here. It is difficult to express yourself, even on your own website. I will not make any more comments about political affairs and/or parties again. It’s a shame that social media has come to this. So much for freedom of speech. In truth, there is no such thing.