Are we living in a new age of sanctuary? For six months, we have experienced the effects of COVID-19 on the world. Our nation has encountered the pandemic, as attention is taken off the flu and existing epidemics. Now the emphasis is on the coronavirus and how to treat it, not how to get rid of it. There are some preventive measures with social distancing, wearing facial masks and/or gloves, a sterile clean environment, washing hands often and good hygiene. However, no matter how much caution is taken, the coronavirus is rampant and increasing in number in some states.

Someone near and very dear to me has recently contracted the coronavirus, along with her husband, from his co-worker. It becomes more ‘real-life’ when it hits close to home. Although quarantined for two weeks, it couldn’t have hit at a worse time. School-age children are just starting back to school and people are ready to start a new school year. My elderly father is “at-risk” in an assisted living facility. It seems the weak and the elderly are most vulnerable. Those with pre-existing medical conditions are afraid to expose themselves to an uncertain illness. Obviously, not a safe environment to live in right now.

What becomes of our society in the future? Are we to remain living in fear and staying home? Does this nightmare of the pandemic ever end or is it a reoccurrence from now on? Certainly, things have to change soon. The government tends to not deliver all the news to the public when it happens, yet, the politicians expect to be re-elected to office. I have news for you. Once re-election hits, some of these fears will disappear.  Rather, the public is led to believe that China lied to Americans and “kudos” for President Trump for not believing their bullshit.

It’s an emotional and spiritual roller-coaster – warfare between good and evil. But optimism overrides negativism, as I feel we will overcome this ordeal as a nation. Life precedes death and it will be maintained. America was built on God’s promises to restore and preserve. He will see us through this pandemic. We need to be patient and believe that Jesus Christ will guide us through this trial. Keep the faith and know that the end of this pandemic is coming, hopefully, sooner than later.