The loss of a parent is devastating at any age.  I feel blessed that my mother lived to be 90 years old. She was one of the sweetest and loveliest persons I knew. She had an intuitive nature, very smart, and articulate.  Although her passing was sudden, she knew that she was about to leave this earth. That became apparent in her last week when she mentioned to my sister that she was joining her mother in heaven soon.

My mother leaves a legacy behind her life. Reared in the Southeast, her parents brought her up in traditional and Christian beliefs. Mom had one sister, six years older. She married in September 1948. My oldest sister was born in October 1949. Three more daughters were born. My parents were married 71 years when Mom passed in March.

Mom let her family know they were loved. She gave her husband and four daughters love and always proud of her family. As her family grew larger, she still had family gatherings on holidays and special occasions, even when it became difficult for her in her older years.

Mom had a way of telling the truth, yet, subtle manners too. She was a private person and respected her privacy. She would not ask for help, as I feel she was too proud at times to let others know she needed help.

Mom encouraged me to write books. Through my mother, I gained the gift of creativity and imagination. She was the foundation and strength to motivate me in writing. Her praise and feedback were an important part of lifting me up. It added to my confidence as a writer.

My mother helped care for me whenever I was physically ill from infusions/treatments and hospitalizations. She always checked on me to make sure I was okay. She understood I was in pain and rest was/is part of my healing process from medical treatments.

As the weeks pass into months ever since her passing, I feel that sadness is part of the grieving process. There are several levels of grief. I feel I am in the sadness and anger stages. Death is part of life’s process. We expect our parents to live forever, but they don’t. Immortality is an issue to some, but none of us are immortal. Our bodies aren’t equipped or made to last forever. Our bodies are simply vessels of life that go on to live internally with our Lord and Saviour. That is my belief and I will leave it there.

I can not bring my mother back, but I can cherish the wonderful times I experienced with her. She was my best friend and we were very close as a mother/daughter. I miss my mother but blessed that I got to enjoy her stay on earth. One that will last a lifetime of memories for me.