Sorry to be amiss for a while. I have been on a long journey in the past several months. Recovering from surgery and extensive physical rehabilitation for four weeks, I can say I’m alive. Last summer, I had surgery to correct my left foot and ankle. I’ll be having surgery next year to correct my right foot and ankle. I was in personal care for a few months, coming home on Thanksgiving Day. It feels so good to be home.

I knew from the beginning that surgery would be a high risk. It was a difficult decision whether to have surgery or not. The autoimmune condition turned both of my feet in severely over the past nine years. The thought of walking better and improved mobility never left me. In addition, I wanted to walk without pain and release pressure from walking on the side of my foot.

The foot is straight now and healing. I’m having physical therapy at home twice weekly. The stretching exercises and ice on the foot help with swelling and pain. It took several years to find relief, but I can say it’s worth it. I first thought that maybe the surgery was a mistake. It was rough and physically challenging. I underestimated the healing process.

I was in a leg cast below the knee a little over four months. I had five surgical pins in my foot and ankle for ten weeks. The doctor says I’m a very slow healer, but I thank God that my leg did heal. It was scary for a few weeks that my ankle surgical wound would close up. But it did and I am blessed!

I’ve also been away from writing, but have just submitted materials for my latest book, Master of Disguise, to be published. Due to the holidays, it may take a few weeks for publication. Master of Disguise is a historical novel, the sequel to my previous two books, Saga of the Ages and Trail of Betrayal. Front cover design – the artist is Dannie Michelle Wright. She is very talented and does beautiful artwork.

Image 1 - Front Cover Design