I’m scheduled tentatively for foot surgery on June 5th. This might change due to hospitalization and rehab afterward. This has been a long time coming. I’m hoping this will help me walk a little better and with mobility issues. A lot to work out with insurance before surgery date: plans for rehab, infusions, etc. I feel like there is hope though. The discomfort in my feet has been chronic, especially in the left foot this year.

I will be having surgery one foot at a time, the left foot first. I’m hoping to have surgery on my right foot three to four months afterward. The surgeon feels bilateral surgery is too much. Not sure what will be completely done during surgery. I know the surgeon will stretch the tendon to release pressure. I doubt he will break anything in the foot due to the autoimmune condition. My tissue doesn’t heal as normal healthy tissue. It will take sometime to heal though. Six to eight weeks in a cast, then a boot. I will probably have to wear braces thereafter the rest of my life.

I’m standing on God’s word that He does heal. May this surgery be successful on both feet. I see myself happy, healthy and healed. I’m asking for prayer, but unspoken prayers (quietly).