Yesterday, I met one of my New Year’s resolutions. I lost down to 120 lbs. I reached my target goal one week before the new year. Although barely 5’2″, I hope to keep the weight off.

Things I have been thankful for in 2018:

  • participating in a research medical study of LEMS (sutoimmune).
  • finding alternate treatments (botox) for feet and ankles to enhance mobility.
  • changing infusions to a new medicine. There were pros and cons to this.
  • enjoying writing and another book written last spring.
  • having financial needs met.
  • a new van to drive.
  • a loving and wonderful family.

These are not necessarily in order, but goals I want to achieve in 2019. Some are more important than others. They are:

  • a closer relationship with God. Make peace with Him.
  • my father regain strength and health, as before his stroke. Complete healing for his heart. May he be able to come home soon.
  • my mother stay strong and active. Complete healing for her hand, b/p and heart.
  • healing for brother-in-law and all removal of abnormal (potential pre-cancer) cells above his eye.
  • complete restoration of personal health (including ribs and bladder) and regained strength. Straightened feet and ankles, so I can walk again. A cure for the autoimmune condition (LEMS) and no return of cancer anywhere in my body.
  • keep weight loss permanent. I feel good at this weight (120).
  • find a mate (spouse) for life. An equal partner to share the rest of my life with happiness, love and joy.
  • that my sisters’ families stay healthy, happy and loved.
  • welcome a new great-niece to the family this summer. May she be beautiful and healthy. Let her know she is loved.
  • make financial needs stable and available if needed.
  • new housing that best suits my physical needs. My parents also need new housing.
  • more written books with 100% royalists and selling well. A play script for a series, Saga of the Ages. My desire to make this into a movie production one day.

Maybe I ask and hope for too much. But I mainly want good health and happiness for family members and myself. God bless everyone and stay strong and positive. Wishing everyone best wishes for the new year!