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I have been amiss for a couple of months, I admit. This has been a weird month with many events. They say everything comes in threes. I can tell you that is more true than imagined.

After a fall that left me with four fractured ribs in mid-October, I recovered almost fully. A lot less painful. It is as if no injury occurred at  all. Last month, my mother fell and broke her hand in two places. She is doing better, but her hand is still a little painful at times. Can these falls and family health problems be coincidental? Clearly, our family has had their share of health issues this season.

My father entered the hospital the end of November, with mild pneumonia and fluid around his heart. Three days later, he suffered a stroke by a blood clot that traveled to his brain. The surgeon removed the blood clot and my father seemed to be recovering well. His speech was a little slurred at first, but after surgery, he started to regain his speech and is doing better. Thank God he is not paralyzed. One saving grace of his illness and the fact that he is still alive.

He still has a way to go, as his heart is still weak. His body is weak, yet, he stands as a testimony of faith and hope. His courage to persist with daily challenges. I am proud of my father for his determination. If a 92-year-old man is determined to live and regain strength from a weakened state, just think what others can do.  It gives me hope to go on, to continue to fight my health issues.

More importantly, remembering that today is the Lord’s day – the reason for this Christmas day. May we always remember this date as a day to share with loved ones, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. He is our savior and lives within our hearts.

I saw goodness today with family and loved ones. It was more than goodness, it is love. Enjoy each day as today and forgive those that have wronged us. Sometimes that is easier said than done, but with God’s help, we can continue in peace and harmony. Staying strong in His word is the key to successful living.

Merry Christmas and wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Here’s wishing best wishes that 2019 is even better than 2018.