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You worked hard on your manuscript. It has been submitted to the publisher. If you are self-publishing, it generally takes two to three weeks to publish. Your book is first submitted to a check-in book coordinator. Once the content of your manuscript is approved (usually 24 to 48 hours), it goes into the design stage. This is when your front and back covers are designed and the interior text as well. This stage can last up until you finish all corrections or revisions of your final manuscript. Once you have made corrections and revisions (if any), you will approve the final layouts of the covers and text. Your book then goes into the production stage, whereby it is ready for the printers. This stage takes anywhere from a week to two weeks usually. Once completed, you will be sent a complimentary copy or copies of your newly published book. This is your time to start promoting your book. We have covered many of the marketing strategies in the previous week. There are some suggestions that you might find effective doing this time:

  1. Promote your new book through word of mouth to acquaintance, friends and family members. They are most familiar with your written work and writing skills.
  2. Network an interest to readers through your blog, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc) or email.
  3. Set up a time at a local book store to introduce yourself as a new author. You can usually email to set up a time and date.
  4. Book signings are important as it introduces you as a new writer/author to the community. Set up a time and date through advertising and/or a local newspaper – it will also promote book sales.
  5. Advertise your new book in the local newspaper. You can contact the newspaper for costs. Usually, week-long ads will be more costly. It may be more cost-effective to set up once monthly or weekends only.
  6. Send an article about yourself and writing experience with a photo to the local newspaper. This could be less costly than advertising your book.
  7. Look at local organizations and clubs for times to speak about your book. This gives an outlet to be recognized in your community as a new writer/author.
  8. Explore radio stations to set up an interview talking about your book. Be adamant and set up a time and date.
  9. Set up an author’s website with your new book. You can add additional books as well. Ask the publisher if they have this marketing service.
  10. Marketing is costly, but you may want to ask the publisher about online campaign ads.
  11. Find other local writers and authors in the area by joining a writers’ club. They meet monthly and offer advice to new writers and authors. In addition, you get to meet others that share your same passion of writing.
  12. If you received a marketing kit from the publisher, send out postcards to persons that might be interested in your new book.

As always, do your homework beforehand. I like to research online before starting a project. Next week, I will be discussing some differences between independent publishing and traditional publishing. Seems like a broken record, but it is valuable to you as a new writer and author.