I’m getting comments from new writers and from those thinking about writing a new book. I spent five years gathering knowledge and information about the writing process. No one taught me these things. Rather, it is a step-by-step process, triggered by my own interest in writing and communicating with others. It was indeed a learning process. It takes years to learn the rules and even then, there is always more to learn. Actually, you never learn “all of the rules.” More importantly, is there any one right way to rules in writing?

I want to explore the writing process. My intent is to give advice to new writers and authors. Fueled by my own challenges, I am physically disabled due to a health/medical condition. As I read Stephen King’s On Writing, I am impressed that he is nearly legally blind, yet he writes consistently. He creates and produces movies; he has been a screenwriter for many years. His plot is death, horror and suspense. Although some of his movies reach a terror stage, he is consistent in what he writes. That is the aim, to be consistent in what you write and bring to the table.

Next week, I will be advising on naming your creation. You have an idea and want to put it into words. What do you title it? I have personally struggled with choosing a good name for a few of my past books; however, there are some suggestions I can make. It all starts with an idea. Remember, there is nothing as a stupid idea. Some of the most bizarre creations, started from an idea a writer once had in the back of his or her mind. Now they are multi-million dollar movies or adventures. In addition, you as the reader will be able to make comments and feedback to other writers and authors on this blog. All correspondences are welcomed, negative or positive. What better way to communicate and learn?