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Lots of prayers are needed right now. My secondary insurance has denied coverage (20%) for my new Rituxan infusions. They complied that it is an experimental drug. If I don’t get approval quickly, I will have to go back to Gammagard – IVGs or start taking steroids, which I don’t want to do. Initially, I did get approval in January for the new infusions and had two initial treatments then. I can’t understand why they are denying them now. Please pray that this will be resolved quickly and that financial assistance will be rewarded through another foundation. I contacted the National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD) today. They seem willing to help if the Cancer Center will accept the program.

I can’t help being scared and upset. I have a very rare autoimmune disorder, called Lambert-Eaton Mysathenic Syndrome (LEMS). It was developed through breast cancer over seven years ago. It affects the neuro-muscular functions of the body, causing extreme weakness in nerves and muscles. Treatments are necessary to maintain health and from detoriating from the progressive disease.