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Actually, it has been a fairly decent week, except for a technical computer problem. In addition, I’m trying to resolve some driveway issues for my conversion van. It scrapes every time I drive out of the driveway. The van is low and I have a steep incline at the end of the driveway. I went by the van dealership a couple of days ago. The service manager said putting bigger tires on the van would disturb the balance and effect the speedometer. He didn’t recommend it.

I’ve tried several times ever since I bought the van last November, to fix the problem. I’ve been told different things by different people. This guy on Thursday seemed genuine though. Anyway, my brother-in-law who is an auto parts supervisor, agrees that bigger tires wouldn’t help so much, so another solution – fixing the driveway. Taking up the asphalt and then concrete the driveway to a gradual incline to the road. Concrete is a lot cheaper than asphalt too.

I feel auto garages and shops think women know absolutely nothing about the mechanics of cars. Maybe some don’t, but I know some that do. I don’t know that much about mechanics, but I do know there is a problem. Have I been lied to? It makes one feel vulnerable or perhaps even stupid. The only thing I can do is report the dealership to BBB. I’m not a woman liberator or a feminist by any means; I just like thinking for myself. But I do admit, sometimes it is wise to get another opinion.

On the brighter side, I’ve finished publishing a book three weeks ago and starting to work on another one this week. It is a gradual process. I see what can be accomplished if you put your mind to it. I’m looking into different directions. I’m about to start a new introductory course on screenwriting. I will see how it works, the graphics and linguistics, to coordinate a script. Stephen King’s On Writing, advises that writers finish a script within 90 days. I predict the first script will be my worst.

There are some opportunities coming up. I will be selling my books at the spring festival at Roselawn in Cartersville on Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th. In addition, I will be speaking to the Georgia Retired Teachers Association of Cobb County this summer. I am adding online advertisements on my books on Amazon and Ingram, in marketing my two latest books. It will be easier for the reader to click online and connect to my author website.  My website is also linked to my blog, as well as a webpage on Facebook and Twitter – please like my page. Any other ideas on social media marketing are highly appreciated. I’m not interest in telemarketers, but genuine marketers to help promote my books, even a literary agent.

Please have a good week everyone. Suppose to rain here in Atlanta tomorrow. We need it to wash all this pollen away. My van looks green. Whatever you do, make life an adventure and always strive to be happy. It’s the secret to a successful and healthy lifestyle. Many blessings to all.