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I approved the cover(s) designs this week on my new book. Waiting on publisher to send back the galley with revisions and corrections. This is the final review before it goes to the printers. Once printed, the new book should be online (Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites) within two weeks. I am excited, as I can’t wait to see the final product. The suspense is killing me.

I believe it is my best book published yet. I’m tooting my own horn, but hey, if I can’t toot it, who can? It is a historical fictional novel on American history during colonial times. While some of the events and dates are true, the characters are fictitious. Focused on the lives and challenges of characters during the American Revolutionary War, the book reflects the optimism of the American culture.

The book is 424 pages in length. Makes a great gift for those that enjoy history. There are sketches, as well as references for historians and history bluffs alike. All copyrights belong to the author and writer of this book – no duplication please. Please click on link below to see designs, although this is just a preliminary illustration. 9781546232681_hrd – Hard Cover