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I just got back from Augusta this afternoon. I started the new oral drug administration today. The doctor has started me on low dosages of Firdapse 10 mg tablets, increased in 45 minute increments. I am up to 45 mg. I am starting on 15 mg 3 times a day. However, because I am putting something new into my body, I am cutting pills into half to administer.

The research team will continue to monitor the drug, even from home. If it does what it is suppose to do, it will open up the calcium blockers surrounding the myelin sheaths. It works with the weakness of the disease itself. Hopefully, my energy level will continue to increase over time.

I feel privileged to be able to participate in this study. There were other health conditions involved. The drug has been FDA approved in Europe already. This study will help pave the way for FDA approval in the United States. It took several months of actually getting on the drug, but I feel fortunate, just the same.

I already feel a slight change in energy levels. I think this has been the answer to prayers for nearly seven years. God works in mysterious ways. If it can give me a better quality of life, than that is what I desire. If more, than I am definitely blessed. Who knows, I may be jogging around the block soon. Chuckle.

Anyway, thanks for all the prayers and encouragement. Please keep sending them. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas. May 2018 be the very best year yet in every way.