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Today, I am waiting to get scheduled for the Augusta Medical Center again. It is frustrating as the dates the doctor is available, are not convenient for me and vice-versa. I have to rely on transportation to Augusta by others. I also need someone to help me with a wheelchair. My cousin has offered to take me the end of next week, but I do not know if I can get scheduled in that short of notice. The research office needs time to get the new drug called Amifampridine Phosphate to the office. This is the drug I mentioned before for the study of Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS). Actually, this is the fourth phase of the study on LEMS. The research team is trying to get FDA approval of the drug in the U.S. There is already approval in Europe.

The research team in Augusta seem to think that this drug will help me tremendously. It is designed to help with weakness though, not antibodies. I will still be required to take monthly infusions. I am trying to get approval from insurance to be changed to Rituxan. It would require infusions every 3 monthly instead of monthly. I have been getting IVG-Gammagard infusions monthly for over six years. IVG-Gammagard is produced from donor blood cells to replenish good antibodies to the blood system. I have to sign a consent form, even now, to be administered the drug. Fortunately, the donor blood is screened and filtered for disease and blood conditions. Rituxan is used for patients suffering from autoimmune disorders and chronic blood cancers, such as leukemia. My neurologist at Emory seems to think it will have a good effect on my condition. It interacts with the B-Cells, putting in good antibodies into the blood stream, which my cells no longer produce.

Though frustrating, I am at a stage in life that whatever I try, it will not harm me. What do I have to lose? I have been on a long journey to find healing for this disease. I rely on God and His power to heal me, but the waiting period is intensified during this time. I am blessed to be alive and grateful to those who donate blood. Without their kindness and consideration, there would be no other treatment for this dreaded disorder.

I am most thankful to God; I believe His peace and comfort are upon me. His grace has shined upon me. I am a believer in Jesus Christ; I believe in His healing touch. I believe in the Word of God. It is a powerful sword. “If thou prays in His namesake, thou will be done.”

For all, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. May God shine His many blessings upon you. May we find security and comfort as we walk through life.