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Today, I heard from the medical center that will be screening initially for the LEMS Study in Miami. Instead of Columbus, Ohio, I will be going to the Augusta Medical Center in Georgia. It is a lot closer and saves on traveling time. I will be able to drive it instead of taking air flights. I registered in their system this morning. The program director said she would call me within the next few weeks to schedule an appointment. From protocol, I will be screened first, then come back to medical center to be placed on the drug. I remain on the drug for a full month and then head to Miami for the study. It takes between 5 and 12 days, so I assume up to two weeks.

This is a good indication that I am approved already for the study. I will learn more as I continue through the screening process. I give God all the praise; He is so good. Thanks for all the prayers, encouragement, support and well-wishes going up in His name. Now, to have my health totally restored and my mobility much improved. Do you believe in miracles? I certainly do.