First, I want to say a ‘very sorry’ to my sister Janice. She has been the one to take me to Emory Clinic every time and wheel me around the facility. Her unselfishness and her time is endless. I’m sorry for my words yesterday. I’ve been under enormous stress right now. I think everything is happening at once.

I also want to thank my sister Susan for her researching LEMS disease and finding a clinical study in the United States. It is one of few I’ve seen for primarily those diagnosed with LEMS disease. I’m waiting to hear back from the program director on options. With a lot of prayer, blood, sweat and tears, I feel it is of God, and I feel He will turn things around if only to improve quality of life.

On a more business note, I hired a new publicist this morning to advertise and market all my books online. That includes the newest one, Saga of the Ages, coming out in June. We shall see what becomes of it.