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Lingering Shadows - 2It’s here finally! Lingering Shadows has been released and is online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. Working on my next book, Saga of the Ages, surrounding the American Revolutionary War. Created as a fiction, historical novel, I’m already up to the 6th chapter in writing it. Entails espionage, double-spies, romance (sex) and murder.

Lingering Shadows is my eighth book, gorgeous front cover design, 406 pages in length, full of beautiful houses from the post-Civil War Era. An historical novel, it is a creation of tragedy, patriotism and love of family. It entails the American way of life after the Civil War. A must-read for any historian or history bluff. Facts and events are true; characters are fictitious.

Available in Hardcover, Softcover and e-Book for all those Kindle lovers. I can give you a little better price than websites when I get a shipment of books. They usually come within two to three weeks (maximum).