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the-newest-finish-paintingLingering Shadows has been sent to the publishers today. It should be sent to the printers soon. There have been many interruptions and delays on this book due to family emergencies, personal illness and mother’s illness and hospitalization.

An historical novel, written with the American family in mind. There is pride in the American society, both North and South. Love of family and country, patriotism and tragedy are entailed in the story. Historical events and dates are true. Characters are fictitious.

Everyone deals with circumstances and negativity in life. The characters are comforted in that they have the warmth and love of their families to get them through the more challenging times. The Civil War left the country in devastation and destruction. Read how the main character, Benjamin Green, finds his way from a humble and modest beginning to become a self-made millionaire overnight.

A sequel to Glimpses of the Past, this is a must-read for historians and history buffs. The artwork is stunning inside and out, symbolic of the homes that were built during the Civil War era. Artist is Dannie Michelle Wright for front cover design, painting and sketches.

Please look for it online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites in the following weeks. There is a variety of topics for readers to enjoy – American history, politics, economics, romance and war-related issues. I promise you won’t put the book down until you have finished the book.