I have been working on detoxifying my mind and brain of toxic “negative” thoughts. The detox works for 21 days. Although I am working on only one toxic thought at a time, the toxic thoughts do link together.  For the first few days, I worked on pride, stubbornness and selfishness. Today, I worked on balance, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Balance of mind and soul does link with pride. I use the verse from Proverbs 3:21: Let not them depart from thine eye: keep sound wisdom and discretion.

My educational background stood in the way of knowledge from God. Rather, I sought my own knowledge through books and science. One thing I have learned through experience and time. A higher education does not always teach us the ways of God; it teaches us the ways of the world. I will work on more toxic thoughts in a future 21-day detox period.