Sorry I’ve been silent for a while. I did something last week that should have been done five years ago. I had a new port implanted last Wednesday afternoon for my monthly infusions. My sister, Janice, went with me last week to the local hospital. I admit I was a bit nervous about the procedure beforehand. As much as I hate the idea of surgery, it was time to take some type of action.

The surgerical procedure itself seemed to go very well according to the surgeon. The port is directly under my neck (high above the chest area) on the right side. The surgeon explained it is attached to a major artery to the heart. A good thing when getting infusions and wanting them to take affect quicker.

Some discomfort and soreness which I’m told by a chemo nurse will go away within two weeks. The infusions this week were less painful and easier, as well as shortening the time to find a vein that was accessible. In the past, sometimes that took up to an hour for nurses to find a good vein in my arms or hands. After several months of this, I realize the arms and hands are tired.

The stitches come out tomorrow afternoon. I’m hoping all goes well tomorrow as the infusions did yesterday and today. Next, I want to research to find a doctor who is familiar and experienced with the cellular structure of autoimmune disorders. I hope and pray for a reversal of this disease everyday.

Everyone, have a good week and whatever you do, make it work for you. Please feel free to drop me a line or two.