There have been some comments on the online bookstore about the bird on the front cover of my first book. I’m hearing all the noise. To answer your inquiries, that is a cardinal. A Scarlet Tanager is a type of cardinal. The only difference is that the Scarlet Tanager has black-winged tips and a black beak. It has no crown like the Red Cardinal. The book was published nearly three years ago in the summer of 2013. Due to copyrights and printing issues, a cardinal was the closest thing I could find to the bird. If you read the book, it will explain that and give the description in the last chapter.

People ask me about my history and my interest in writing. My paternal uncle has been writing for over 40 years. He is a well-known artist, writer and columnist in the North Georgia area. I have only been writing books and publishing for about three years. My writing skills are natural and self-developed. My books are not for everyone, but they are life-changing experiences, learning to cope in life and inspirational. I first started out with a pen name, Elizabeth A. Philips. There were painful memories as a child and I did this to protect others, as well as myself. There was also sensitive material in my first two books.

For me, writing was the easy part. I knew what I wanted to say and express. The hard part was getting it published. Copyrights was the main thing. The publishers are strict about them. My first book took over a month to approve the front cover because of copyrights. If I didn’t enjoy writing itself, I would had stopped a long time ago. More than that, is the expensive cost of printing, whether through traditional publishing or self-publishing. I’m no expert by any means, but being a writer of multiple books, I have been through it many times. It is no easy task.

So please lay off the criticism (noise) and know I’m doing the best that I can. Plus, I deal with chronic health problems everyday. I started this blog over a year ago to promote my writing and books. Writing is a form of therapy for me to deal with physical pain and to release emotional pain. Please start reading and buy one or more of my books. Chuckle.