I had infusions yesterday and today. It becomes old after awhile. It seems that the infusions will continue every 4 weeks without interruptions. I wait patiently for a cure or a reversal of this disease, while deep inside I know there is none. “It is what it is” as the doctor says. I look for alternate treatments for this autoimmune disorder, but it takes time to find them.

I sense a real purpose in the events that have happened these last six years. One thing I have done productively these last few years is write. Writing for pleasure, writing for enjoyment and fun, writing to lift me up spiritually and emotionally. It is much like therapy. I write to deal with all my pain and hurts of the past, to which I say “dust in the wind.”

Over the last few days, my spirit has come alive. I find myself suddenly flooded with happiness and glee. My ‘demons’ inside have left and I am spiritually free. My depression has lifted. I no longer feel self-pity for myself. There is a wanting to move forward with life, no matter the circumstances. Despite health challenges, I have my life and family to be grateful for.

This is advice to anyone who will listen. Enjoy your life while you can. Travel, go see your loved ones, family or friends while you can. It is important to keep balance in your life. It helps to mentally keep focused and to stay happy. Life will pass you by if you don’t. An all too important lesson learned. I’m appreciative I had the chance to travel and visit places that I am unable to now.

Wishing you all happiness and success through life. May you find the inner peace you are looking for. Peace of mind will come with accepting conditions to where healing can take place. It has taken me years to find this inner peace, but I feel confident it is there now.