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With the latest publication last week, I feel like I have just given birth. I don’t mean to be funny, but it seemed that this book had more interruptions than with previous ones. I felt pushed for time, as if I had bitten off more than I could physically take. That is not good when writing should be for enjoyment, not a chore. With on-going medical treatments and tests, it was a wonder I got through at all. I think the physical fatigue is contributed to writing this book, plus the weather change. I admit there are other conditions, however, mentally my mind feels like taking a break right now from writing.

Looking through some of my genealogy, it is going take much effort and expense to locate the exact names and dates of distant relatives coming from Europe in the 1700’s. My mother supplied a good deal of information about the relatives living in this country five generations back. If I hadn’t promised my mother, I wouldn’t even consider writing an historical book of the family line. Maybe I should have listened to my aunt and wrote children’s books instead. Chuckle.

Anyway, hoping this Easter Sunday is a good one for everyone. It is suppose to rain, however, it helps with all the accumulated pollen on the ground. I will be at a book sale with my uncle tomorrow. He is a well-known artist and writer in the North Georgia area. That is where I got my interest in writing. Also, my mother is an historical researcher. Writing abilities are on both sides of the family. Peace, love and comfort to all for a Happy Easter.