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I’m very excited today. The publishers called and said my new book, Shattered Dreams, is in final review before it goes to printers. That means, it is being checked for printer readiness and final review for content.

This makes me happy. I feel like I did when I published my very first book. This is my baby and I delivered it. Chuckle. I felt like I had given birth to a new creation then. Please toast with me to another book bit the dust today! 🙂

If you like lots of adventure, excitement packed with suspense and mystery, this is the novel for you – the readers! Something for everyone in mind. There is also the mysterious Egyptian pyramids, vampire-like dreams and danger. A brief history of the pyramids and the Nile River is given. Please see About the Book page for more detail on the book.

I hope everyone has a good week with lots of wonderful sunshine and beautiful clear skies. Our weather has turned a little cooler, but that is okay. Warm days are an indication of a long hot summer ahead. Many blessings as life’s journey continues!