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I finished reviewing my newest book today and just sent off to the publishers. One thing I noticed. The chapters are shortened for easy reading, but the book is longer than my previous books. I am really tired right now, as I worked all day and night on it. I’m taking a little time off to breathe – normally, that is. I have a headache and not much will relieve it.

My next book is something I have not yet ventured on before. It will be a historical book on the Old South. Glimpses of the Past, in all its wonder. Hey, I’m a Southern gal, born and reared, and proud of it. I’m presenting several short stories and the length will be shorter, believe me.

By the way, the publisher just called and said that she received all the revisions. They will be ready on Monday. Yeah! For all, have a good weekend and enjoy the weather. Get outside and take a walk or go to the park.