Happy Thanksgiving! I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season with lots I'm Not A Turkeyof turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. May this be a joyous occasion with family and friends.

Last Friday morning I had a little mishap. I fell and noticed my hand and finger starting to swell. I went to Urgent Care that day and had X-rays.  They showed I fractured the side of my left hand and pinky finger in two places. I saw an Ortho Specialist yesterday morning. He said the fractures were clean breaks so he didn’t cast my hand. Instead he put a splint on it.

I am on the mend now and it should be completely healed in 4 weeks. The one good thing is this happened after my newest book was published. Instead of breaking a leg, as they say, I broke an hand. Due to temporary limitation, I will have to postpone writing until next month, maybe until around Christmastime.